Team Evolution Expansion 2023

By Blair Blumenscheid

9 min read

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Storm Products has announced ten new members added to their Evolution Team. This team is an extension of the Evolution Program which is comprised of youth athletes from around the country who have an unbridled enthusiasm for the sport of bowling and have shown loyalty to the beliefs of the Evolution Program.

The Evolution Program is a free program that is open to all youth athletes, regardless of skill level or brand affiliation, who have a strong desire to learn and sharpen their skills on and off the lanes. Though this program is not designed to replace a personal qualified coach it is filled with lessons to help sharpen your game, give back to the community, set goals, and learn tips to become leaders, and learn additional life skills each month.

The Evolution Team is reserved for a small number of exceptional youth players who have heavily participated in the monthly lessons in the Evolution Program and are loyal to Storm Products through their equipment choices and support of the brands. The members of the Evolution Team are some of the top players in their respective age groups in the country and also receive exceptional grades, are involved in community service initiatives, treat others with respect, conduct themselves with the utmost integrity, and find ways to encourage other youth athletes to join the sport of bowling in their local communities. The Evolution Team is an extension of the Evolution Program and the members are encouraged to showcase the beliefs shared each month in the program.

“These youth athletes have proven that they are committed to bowling through dedication to their work in the Evolution Program, their game on the lanes, passion for the sport off the lanes, and their desire to help encourage other youth athletes,” Gary Hulsenberg, VP of Marketing said. “We believe these athletes have the ability to connect with other young athletes and share the positive impact bowling has had on their lives.”

The current athletes on the Evolution Team are Katelyn Abigania, Keegan Alexander, Brady McDonough, Abigail Starkey, Kayla Starr, Matteo Quintero, Micah Voorhis, Jos Weems, and Victoria Varano.

Victoria Varano who now attends Vanderbilt University will be advancing to a new Storm United States Bowling Ambassador Program created for collegiate athletes. More information will be shared about this program in the coming weeks.

The athletes joining the Evolution Team in 2023 are Trevor Ashby, Maribeth Baker, Andru Blaney, Alex Crowley, Aidan Furukawa, Natalie Kent, Morgan Kline, Eliana Occhino, Kaitlyn Stull and Ashtyn Woods.

The Evolution Staff Program requires each athlete’s parent or legal guardian to be part of the process. Each athlete and their support system are completely connected to the program as these athletes continue to step towards their future on the lanes.

“The athletes chosen for this team have aspirations to compete at the highest level of the sport,” Hulsenberg said. “Our goal is to connect the top athletes with our team as they work towards their goals to compete professionally in the sport one day in the future.”



  • 2022 Junior Team USA Developmental Team
  • 2022 U15 Junior Gold 2nd Place
  • Mid-Atlantic Junior Bowlers Tour Champion
  • Organized a Strike Derby Fundraiser for BVBC and Acting Out for Good
Social Media
  • Facebook: Trevor Ashby Bowler (Favorite Channel)
  • YouTube: The All-Stars Bowling

Home State: West Virginia

Grade: 11th Grade

Favorite Food: Asian Food

Favorite Subject In School: History

Favorite Storm Ball: The G.O.A.T. – Phaze II

What are you known for My platform is Mental Health Awareness. Each Tuesday, on my athlete page, I feature an athlete with a fist BUMP using the hashtag #BuildEachOtherUp. I believe if you build up your peers, you will all rise together and achieve great things!

Fun Fact Trevor is passionate about giving back to many charities but especially volunteering at Acting Out for Good. This organization was founded in memory of his grandmother and the money is raised through theatre productions and all proceeds are given to people in need in the community.

“Being part of Team Storm is a dream come true. Storm represents the family values I was raised by, with the added bonus of throwing the best equipment ever!”


  • 2 SYC Titles
  • 18-Time SYC Medalists
  • 2022 EYT Champion
  • Teen Masters Kegel Cup Team Champs
  • 3-Time High School SOL Singles Champ
  • 2-Time Pennsylvania District Pepsi Champ
  • 1-Time Pennsylvania State Pepsi Champ
  • 2 Time - MAJBT Champion
  • 6 – Time PJBT - Pennsylvania Junior Bowler's
  • Bowl For Life Athlete of the Month
  • 3 - 300 games
Social Media
  • Instagram: Maribeth_Baker (Favorite Channel)
  • Facebook: Athlete Page - Maribeth Baker
  • TikTok: Maribeth.Baker
  • YouTube: The All-Stars Bowling

Home State: Pennsylvania

Grade: 12th Grade

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Subject In School: Gym/History

Favorite Storm Ball: Infinite PhysiX

What are you known for I am known for my bracelets and my laugh/smile!

Fun Fact Maribeth did a Strike Derby for Ballard vs. Big C and Acting Out for Good. She also volunteers at a local elementary school and is in the National Honor Society.

“I am so honored to be part of the Storm Evolution Staff. It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized and to be part of such an amazing team. I have been using Storm products since I started bowling and look forward to many years of Storm products to come. I am excited to represent Storm and pass my passion for bowling to others.”


  • 2023 Junior Team USA Member
  • 2023 PBA Jr National Finalist
  • 2022 6th Place Qualifying Junior Gold
  • 2022 Storm Youth Championship Coastal Classic Champion
  • 2x's NCAUSBCA Youth Invitational Champion
  • 2x's Storm Mid Atlantic Junior Bowlers Tour Champion
  • 2022 Ted Gruszkowski Jr Youth Star Award
Social Media
  • Instagram: @andrublaney
  • Facebook: Andru Blaney

Home State: Maryland

Grade: 12th Grade

Favorite Food: Plain Pancakes and Blueberry Waffles

Favorite Subject In School: Math

Favorite Storm Ball: Pitch Black

What are you known for I am known for versatility on the lanes.

Fun Fact Andru has a 4.36 WGPA and is ranked in the top 1% of his class.

“When discussions started about joining Team Storm, I couldn't have been more excited to represent a brand I have pretty much used my entire life. I really can't thank Storm enough for trusting and believing in me to represent the best brand in bowling! I look forward to continue to promote bowling while using the best equipment.”


  • U12 2021 SYC Iowa Champion
  • Montana Pepsi Champion
  • Youngest bowler to attend WSU Shocker Camp
  • Finished 13th at first Junior Gold
Social Media
  • Instagram: @superalexcrowley
  • Facebook: Alex Crowley - lifeatthelanes

Home State: Montana

Grade: 7th Grade

Favorite Food: Carne Asada Street Tacos & Cheesecake

Favorite Subject In School: Geography, Geometry, Vocabulary

Favorite Storm Ball: !Q Tour, Phaze II, Pitch Black, Gem….ok all of them!

What are you known for I like to think of myself as an hourglass because it is only a matter of time before I reach my goals and be my best. I would like people to think I never give up.

Fun Fact Alex said one of his favorite achievements off the lanes is meeting Spiros Schenk. He is also part of Boy Scouts of America where they do food drives, pick up trash, and flag ceremonies while helping the community! He is currently a Tenderfoot Rank.

“It means a lot of happiness and probably meeting a lot of new people and having a ton of fun. It means sharing how awesome bowling is with all kinds of people in all different places. It's a big honor and responsibility to be part of the best bowling company with the top athletes in the world.”


  • 3x National Youth Open Eagle winner
  • PBA Jr. Regional Champion
  • SYC Champion
  • Junior Tournament Bowlers Association (JTBA)
  • Future Stars Bowling Tour
  • Great Lakes Jr. Gold Bowling Tour (GLJGBT)
  • Top 5 Junior Gold finish
  • Shooting 299 and 300 in back-to-back games (with Storm Hy-Road)
Social Media
  • Facebook: Aidan Furukawa - afurukawabowling

Home State: Ohio

Grade:11th Grade

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Subject In School: Math

Favorite Storm Ball: Hy-Road

What are you known for I don't have a signature but what I would like to be known for is just being that nice person. I want to be a person on and off the lanes that people can approach if they need help or just want to talk. They know that whether I am bowling well or not, I will always be there to help build people up.

Fun Fact Beyond giving back to the community, practicing, getting good grades, and encouraging new bowlers to compete, Aidan loves roller coasters. He has been on over 200 roller coasters across North America including the tallest one in the world and the fastest one in the United States.

“Joining Team Storm has been a dream of mine ever since getting my first Storm ball, the Pitch Black. I have so much support around me with family and friends, and I can't wait to share my love of the sport with the company that provides so many opportunities, especially for the youth. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and very excited to be a part of a great team to help grow the sport of bowling.”


  • NYSPHSAA Team State Champion
  • NYSPHSAA Single State Champion
  • NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Award
  • 2nd Place Parker Bohn III Scholarship Tournament
  • 5x All-Greater Rochester Athlete
  • Scholar Athlete
  • High School Female Athlete of the Year
  • Member of National Honor Society
Social Media
  • Instagram: @Natalie_Kent

Home State: New York

Grade:12th Grade

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Favorite Subject In School: Government

Favorite Storm Ball: Hy-Road Pearl

What are you known for I hope people remember that while I love the competition, I like to keep my emotions under wraps and still have a fun time while bowling.

Fun Fact Natalie is super competitive and loves all sports and loves attending sporting events. She’s a big Los Angeles Dodgers and Buffalo Bills fan! She is also a huge animal lover! She grew up having all sorts of animals like, chickens, ducks, turtles, a bunny, cats, and of course many dogs!

“It is an honor to be chosen to join Team Storm alongside my dad to represent the best company in the industry. I want to thank everyone at SPI for believing in me and giving me this amazing opportunity.”


  • PBA Junior Regional Champion
  • 300 at Southpoint
  • 3 Time SYC Champion
  • I have 3 300s
  • EYT Champion
Social Media
  • Facebook: Morgan Kline – Athlete
  • Instagram: morgann.kline

Home State: Pennsylvania

Grade:11th Grade

Favorite Food: Everything

Favorite Subject In School: Anatomy and Physiology

Favorite Storm Ball: !Q Tour

What are you known for My spare game.

Fun Fact Morgan practices about 5 days a week and enjoys watching bowling as much as she loves to bowl. She gave up competitive gymnastics for competitive bowling and is very dedicated to her game.

“It means a lot to me to join Team Storm. I love the products and all the people at Storm.”


  • 2023 Developmental Junior Team USA
  • 3 SYC Titles
  • 3 Top 10 finish's at JR Gold

Home State: North Carolina

Grade: 10th Grade

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Subject In School: Math

Favorite Storm Ball: Nova

What are you known for I hope people will remember my work ethic.

Fun Fact Kaitlyn loves to volunteer at her home bowling center and help with bowling tournaments. She practices 4-5 days a week and is at the gym or doing some sort of physical activity every day.

“It means a lot to represent the team and company that I love. I believe it will help improve my game and take my bowling to the next level.”


  • Sanctioned High Game (300), Sanctioned High Series (800 x2)
  • 2022 PBA Jr. Regional Champion
  • 2021 & 2022 New England Youth Open Champion
  • 2021/22 Girls High School National High Average - 236.13
  • 2022 New York State High School Composite Team Champion
  • 2022 Section III Individual Champion
  • 2022 High School Nationals - 5th place
  • Youth Bowlers Tour Champion 5x
  • Western New York Youth Tour Champion 2x
  • SYC medalist (block) - New Jersey (2021), Las Vegas & Myrtle Beach (2022)
  • 2021 SYC Super Slam Awesome Attitude Award
Social Media
  • INSTAGRAM: @eliana.ochino

Home State: New York

Grade: 10th Grade

Favorite Food: All pasta dishes, especially fettucine alfredo.

Favorite Subject In School: History

Favorite Storm Ball: Storm Ice and Infinite PhysiX

What are you known for Even if I'm not having the best day, I tend to be able to control my emotions and move on fairly easily.

Fun Fact Eliana bowled her first tournament in 2019 and it quickly became her passion. She has practiced and worked hard since that event and has improved rapidly. In her free time she likes to cook and bake. Her favorite things to make are smoothies, pancakes, and macaroons.

“This is a dream I never thought was possible.”

Ashtyn Woods

  • 2-time member of Junior Team USA (2022, 2023)
  • 16th place in U18 at 2022 Junior Gold Championships
  • 8th place in U12 at 2018 Junior Gold Championships
  • 3-time Youth Bowlers Tour Champion
  • 2nd place 2022 PBA Women's Earl Anthony Open
  • 2021 Earl Anthony Fall Classic Champion
  • 2nd place 2018 SYC Reno
  • 2nd place 2019 SYC California
  • High Game: 299
  • High Series: 803
Social Media
  • INSTAGRAM: @ashtyn_woods
  • FACEBOOK: Ashtyn Woods

Home State: California

Grade: 12th Grade

Favorite Food: Italian and Japanese, preferably Sushi

Favorite Subject In School: History, Government/Economy

Favorite Storm Ball: Phaze II

What are you known for I hope people will remember me as the bowler who had so much fire out on the lanes, and who put her heart and soul into every shot.

Fun Fact Ashytn has been bowling since she was very young but she also used to play competitive softball and her team, Petaluma Steel Breeze went to nationals in 2018 and placed 13th. She plans to study teaching at Wichita State University in the fall. She hopes to teach Elementary School in the future and help identify learning disabilities/challenges in young children and help them with tools and resources that will enable them to succeed in school.

“Joining Team Storm means the absolute world to me! I've have been dreaming about this since I was 10 years old, and I'm so happy that I can now add this to my list of accomplishments. It means the world to me that I'm not only a part of an amazing group of youth bowlers, but a part of some of the greatest bowlers in the world.”

About the Evolution Program The Evolution Program was created in 2021 and is a free program open to all youth athletes who believe bowling is a sport and have a strong desire to learn and sharpen their skills on and off the lanes. This program has something to offer every athlete along their journey within the sport regardless of their starting point. Applications are reviewed monthly. Once accepted, athletes in the Evolution Program receive an email on the first of every month filled with a variety of lessons to enhance their learning process in the sport of bowling. This program does not replace a personal coach but will give athletes items to discuss with their team during training sessions. Each lesson includes a monthly challenge that they are encouraged to submit. To learn more about the Evolution Program click here: