At Storm Products Incorporated, we're the undisputed leaders in crafting the world's premier bowling balls. With over three decades of relentless commitment to innovation and excellence, we have revolutionized the game of bowling. We define the art of precision, creating bowling balls that redefine what's possible. Our passion for the sport fuels our drive to push boundaries and exceed expectations, making us the unrivaled choice for those who demand the best in their game. We are the bowlers company.

Our Mission

To build, by application of proven principles, a company to compete and excel in the bowling industry. To foster and encourage within our organization, innovative teamwork, creative research and development, and pride in producing quality products. To create opportunity for personal growth and financial gain by our employees and to ensure fair and honest treatment of our distributors and vendors.

Our Purpose


Our purpose goes beyond creating exceptional products; it's about nurturing a passion for bowling. We inspire and educate both new and seasoned bowlers, supporting pro shops with industry best-practices to ensure everyone who chooses our equipment enjoys the best possible experience.

Our Vision

To be the innovative leader in the bowling industry


Education will always be a priority at Storm. We will invest heavily in education as a way to lay the foundation for long-term prosperity both personally and professionally.


We will focus our passion of the game to grow the sport of bowling, and by doing so we will grow our business to meet our strategic objectives.


We will continue to develop our abilities and take pride in them. We will set our standards higher than our most challenging competitor. We will please our customers by pleasing ourselves.

Our Values

Our values represent the fundamental beliefs that guide us in our day-to-day business activities. We expect all Storm employees to embrace these values and to conduct their business in the true spirit of these values. These values are unwavering.


We believe in applying the highest ethical standards and adherence to company values. All employees have the responsibility to conduct their business relationships, both internal and external, with the highest level of respect and integrity.

Our People

We believe in our people, trust in their positive intentions, and encourage ideas from everyone. We strive to be honest and open in our communications demonstrating both empathy and integrity. We support education and personal development for all employees. Through our actions our employees will be recognized as caring, responsible, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Our Customer

We believe that our customers deserve the utmost service and respect and by doing so we create a nation of Fans. Our Fans can expect to be treated fairly and in a humble and timely manner. Our Fans are the central focus of our attention, creativity, and our energy; without our Fans, we would cease to exist. We will never lose sight of the fact that satisfying our Fans is never good enough, but that by creating everlasting experiences we compel them to tell others about their positive experiences with our products. We are committed to continually “raising the bar” of innovation and service, and to always go above and beyond their expectations. By doing all of the above we create Raving Fans and make our business successful.

Workplace Culture

We believe in an enjoyable and fun workplace. We promote an energizing, optimistic, and fun environment.


Consistent achievement of our goals requires individual and team accountability at all levels of the company. We understand that each of us must accept personal accountability for our own actions and results. Ensuring a clear explanation and communication of objectives and expected results will facilitate day-to-day decision-making by individuals and teams and will contribute to the successful achievement of results.

From Humbled beginnings

In 1991, our journey began with the humblest of origins. Our very first bowling balls were poured using a KFC bucket, back when we were known as High Score Products (HSP). Today, a KFC bucket holds a special place in a display case within our conference room. It serves as a constant reminder of the distance we've covered and the remarkable journey that still lies ahead.



In Loving Memory: June 19, 1949 - September 28, 2023

High Score Products was originally founded in 1985 by Bill Chrisman, to market a new product he had developed. Mr. Chrisman had noticed urethane bowling balls (a relatively new innovation in ball design) were porous and tended to soak the oil from the bowling lanes. The new product was marketed as U Clean / U Score Urethane Bowling Ball Cleaner™.

High Score Products remained a one product company until 1991, when availability of capital and time coincided with the opportunity to manufacture bowling balls. Mr. Chrisman's experience in other industries and his long term involvement with bowling led him to believe that small quantity OEM private label manufacturing was a viable market being completely ignored by large manufacturers. In the spring of 1991, Mr. Chrisman hired Keith Orton, a pioneer in manufacturing high performance urethane bowling balls, to set up a facility to manufacture bowling balls for High Score Products.

Leadership Team


Barbara Chrisman

Co-Founder & CEO

Tyler Jensen


Corbet Austin

Vice President of Operations

Hank Boomershine

Vice President of Sales and R&D

Matt Walker

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Chadwick

Chief Information Officer

Steve Kloempken

Vice President of Product Development

Gary Hulsenberg

Vice President of Marketing