Team Evolution Expansion 2022

By Blair Blumenscheid

7 min read

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Storm Products is proud to announce the expansion of the Evolution Team. This team is an extension of the Evolution Program which is comprised of youth athletes from around the country who have an unbridled enthusiasm for the sport of bowling.

The Evolution Program is a free program open to all youth athletes, regardless of skill level or brand affiliation, who have a strong desire to learn and sharpen their skills on and off the lanes. Though, this program does not replace a personal coach but will give you topics to discuss with your team during training sessions. Each month, athletes who have joined the Evolution Program receive an email filled with lessons that focus on skills for the lanes, community service initiatives, and tips for becoming leaders. The Evolution Team is reserved for a small number of exceptional youth players who have heavily participated in the monthly lessons in the Evolution Program. Not only are members of the Evolution Team some of the best players in their respective age groups in the country they also; receive exceptional grades, are involved in community service initiatives, treat others with respect, conduct themselves with the utmost integrity, and find ways to encourage other youth athletes to join the sport of bowling in their local communities.

The first athletes who were chosen for this team were Spencer Robarge, Jillian Martin and Victoria Varano. The athletes joining the Evolution Team in 2022 are Katelyn Abigania, Keegan Alexander, Braden McDonough, Abigail Starkey, Kayla Starr, Matteo Quintero, Micah Voorhis, and Jos Weems.

“These youth athletes have proven that they are committed to bowling through dedication to their work in the Evolution Program, their game on the lanes, passion for the sport off the lanes, and their desire to help encourage other youth athletes,” Hulsenberg, VP of Community Relations said. “We believe these athletes have the ability to connect with other young athletes and share the positive impact bowling has had on their lives.”

Robarge, who finished in third at the 2021 USBC Masters and is now a student athlete at Wichita State University, has moved to our Storm National Staff Team. Robarge will continue to participate in PBA events as his collegiate schedule allows. Jillian Martin, who was the youngest female to make Junior Team USA at age 14, broke yet another record when she became the youngest bowler to win a Professional Women’s Bowling Association (PWBA) title at just 17 years old. She defeated Verity Crawley to win the 2021 PWBA BowlTV Classic. Martin, who has committed to bowl for the University of Nebraska – Lincoln has also moved to our Storm National Staff Team.

The Evolution Staff Program requires each athlete’s parent or legal guardian to be part of the process. Each athlete and their support system are completely connected to the program as these athletes continue to step towards their future on the lanes.

“The athletes chosen for this team have aspirations to compete at the highest level of the sport,” Hulsenberg said. “Our goal is to connect the top athletes with our team as they work towards their goals to compete professionally in the sport one day in the future.”




San Diego, California

Age: 15

Don’t let Katelyn Abigania’s smile fool you, she’s a fierce competitor on the lanes. Abigania won back-to-back U12 titles at the USBC Junior Gold tournament in 2018 and 2019 which has earned her a spot on the Junior Team USA Development Team. She has also earned three USBC Youth Open titles and was the California State Champion in 2018 and 2019. She qualified for the 2018 and 2019 PBA Junior National tournament and has earned three Storm Youth Championship Titles. Off the lanes, she is on the Dean’s List and Honor Roll at school and volunteers as a tutor to help younger students after school. She has also represented the sport as a youth bowling ambassador on, “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

“It has been a dream since I was little girl to be a part of Team Storm. Ever since I started bowling, I have been a follower and enthusiast for Storm Products, and it was all I used and shared with others. The Storm family has been so supportive and so kind, and it means so much to me because this is my next big step into becoming the bowler, I strive to be one day. This opportunity is unreal to me, and it feels so surreal. I am very appreciative, and I will use this opportunity to the fullest.”


Instagram: @Keegan_Alexander300

Facebook: @KeeganAlexander-Bowler

Killeen, TX

Age: 15

Keegan Alexander is a focused and driven competitor when he’s competing, but when competition ends, he can be found making new friends while working to grow the bowling community. Alexander, who earned a spot on the Junior Team USA Developmental team over the summer has had three top eight finishes at the USBC Junior Gold tournament. He has earned three Storm Youth Championship titles as well as a PBA Jr. Regional Title. He has also bowled three 300 games. When he’s not on the lanes, he loves supporting Ballard VS The Big “C” and giving back to bowling in his local community by connecting other youth athletes in his community to their own personal equipment for the lanes.

“It is honor that I was chosen to represent Storm Bowling and to work with the best bowlers in the world! This was a goal of mine in the future that I never could have imagined at this point in my career. I am beyond excited to get started on this new chapter!!”


Instagram: @bowlingbrady300

Coppell, Texas

Age: 14

If you’re looking for Brady McDonough, we suggest you look on the lanes. This young athlete is passionate about the sport of bowling and he’s already sharing his knowledge with the bowling community! McDonough, who practices five to six times a week, made his first national TV appearance in 2019 as a finalist at the USBC Junior Gold tournament and has earned two Storm Youth Championship titles, two Texas Pepsi Championships, and is a 12-time Southwest Gold Tour Champion. In addition to his success on the lanes, he is focused on his academics and specifically likes studying math at school. He connects his love for math and science with bowling in weekly videos where he puts experiments within the sport of bowling to the test. He and his father, Brian, create these videos which are shared every Friday on Storm’s Morning Facebook Show, The Morning Bolt. In his free time, he likes to volunteer with Operation Kindness by fostering kittens that need a home. He’s even adopted one!

“I've been using Storm bowling equipment only for pretty much my whole bowling career. It truly is an honor for me to be given this opportunity. If you told me 5 years ago that I would be signing with Team Storm, I would've thought you were crazy! I'm sure that this will open up so many more doors for me that I can't predict.”


Instagram: @abby.starkey12

Facebook: Abigail Starkey

Schaumburg, Illinois

Age: 15

You can’t ever count Abigail Starkey out of a tournament. In her family, she is known to as the “comeback kid,” because no matter how far behind she finds herself, she finds a way to make it back to the cut or that final match. At a young age, she’s got that, “never give up,” attitude that every great athlete needs to have. Starkey has collected one Storm Youth Championship title, 11 Elite Youth Tour Titles, two Illinois Pepsi Championship titles, two Youth Open Titles, and she placed second at the 2019 USBC Junior Gold tournament. She has also been named the Bowl 4 Life Bowler of the Month. When she’s not bowling, you might find her practicing, baking, or cooking at home. She likes to spend time with her family and she and her brother have even opened a lemonade stand each year to raise money for charity. They have made donations to Gigi’s Playhouse, the ALS Foundation, and hurricane victims in Texas.

“Being able to join Team Storm is a huge accomplishment to me and it shows that hard work pays off definitely. It also means so much to me to be able to represent and join the brand I grew up throwing, always wishing to one day be a part of. I can finally say I am.”


Facebook: Kayla Starr - Bowler

Instagram: kayla.starr4

Crofton, Maryland

Age: 15

Kayla “Super” Starr is hard-working, dedicated, and focused on making her dreams become a reality. Whether she’s practicing, competing, or working on her academics, she keeps her goals set high. Starr, a member of the Junior Team USA Developmental Team has earned two Storm Youth Championship titles, two Virginia State Pepsi Championships, 2021 Elite Youth Tour Battle Royale Major Champion, and was the 2020 Teen Master Girls JV Champion. She placed second at the 2021 Junior Gold Championships in the U15 Division and at the 2021 Parker Bohn III Scholarship Tournament which served as a 2022 PBA Jr. Qualifier. She maintains a 4.25 GPA and is in the National Junior Honor Society. She has also learned to drill her own bowling balls and enjoys testing out new layouts on her equipment.

“Joining Team Storm means the absolute world to me and is truly a dream come true! It is not only an honor to be a part of something so special but also being able to represent the best products on the market!”


Facebook @littlebelmo

Smyrna, TN

Age: 13

Matteo Quintero may be young, but he has already accomplished plenty on the lanes and has big dreams for the future. He’s determined to reach his goals and is on a constant quest for knowledge. Quintero earned the U12 Junior Gold title in 2021, two PBA Junior Regional titles, five Storm Youth Championship titles, an USBC Youth Open Title in doubles, an Elite Youth Tour doubles title, and was named the 2021 Georgia Youth Bowling Tour Bowler of the Year. He recently traveled to Puerto Rico with some top youth bowlers in the United States to compete in an exhibition match with youth bowlers from PR. When he’s not bowling, Quintero is a great baseball player, and he keeps his grades high and is on the honor roll at school. He was a member of the 2020 Champion Stewards Creek Robotic team and loves to give back to Ballard VS The Big C and Second Harvest Food.

“To be part of the Evolution Team is an extraordinarily privilege and a dream come true. I'm thankful for the opportunity and making the most out of it every day. I'm looking forward to a great year being part of the Storm Evolution Team!”


Instagram: @victoria.varano

Stony Point, New York

Age: 17

Victoria Varano joined the Evolution Staff Team in 2021 and attends North Rockland High School where she has exceptional grades and gives back to her community through service initiatives throughout the year. Varano is the title officer in Best Buddies International and she volunteer coaches the junior program at her home bowling center and volunteers in other activities in New York. Locally she has been named the LoHud/Journal News Bowler of the Year, North Rockland High School MVP, Section One High Average, Member of the Section One Championship Team, Member of the New York High School Championship Team, and numerous other achievements through high school bowling. In addition, Varano has had national success winning two Storm Youth Championships (SYC) titles, finishing second at the PBA Junior National Championships, and finishing second and third at the Junior Gold Championships. She also earned a silver medal and two bronze medals at the 2018 Tournament of Americas. Victoria recently committed to continue her education as a student athlete at Vanderbilt University.

“It means so much to me to be part of Team Storm. I feel like it is a great honor to be recognized by the best company in the industry and know that they trust me to represent them”


Instagram: @micah_strikah

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Age: 16

Micah Voorhis is not only dedicated to his own game, but he is also dedicated to promoting the sport and creating a better environment for every youth bowler to enjoy in the sport. Voorhis, has earned nine USBC Youth Open titles, two Storm Youth Championship titles, a PBA Jr. Regional Title, two-time Parker Bohn III Scholarship Tournament champion, has collected three New Jersey State singles titles, and two New Jersey Pepsi Single Championships. In addition, he was the youngest ever to earn a Junior Bowlers Tour title and has added three more to his collection. Voorhis carries a 3.9 GPA and has a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu. He has also played violin for 10 years and participates in several community service projects. Voorhis always helps the other youth bowlers on Saturday morning and anyone who might ask for his advice. He recently started a YouTube Channel with his friends where they share tips, ball reviews, and vlog from their tournaments around he country.

“When I heard this was happening, I was overjoyed and happy to see the hard work and dedication prove itself. I appreciate Storm for this amazing opportunity and providing me with some of the best equipment and products to help further me and my game for the future. I am excited to be able to learn from the other staffers and reps as well.”


Instagram: black unicorn bowling

Facebook: Black Unicorn

YouTube: Jos Weems


Chicago, Illinois

Age: 12

When you think of the qualities that you’d want in young ambassador for the sport, Jos Weems has them all. Weems wants to win but don’t be surprised if you see him cheering for his competitors during a qualifying block. He’ll be the first to give someone a high five for a great game, shake an opponent’s hand after a tough match, we’ve even seen Weems comfort a fellow competitor after a rough game in the middle of a block. If he’s going to the top, he’s bringing his friends along with him and that’s what we need in the bowling community. Weems has won five Elite Youth Tour titles, three PBA Junior Regional Titles, and one Storm Youth Championships title. He’s bowled a 299 game and an 800 series. Weems, who already has a digital portfolio created on his website, is always promoting the sport of bowling. He’s challenged of members of professional sports teams, like the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers to call-out matches. He doesn’t just excel on the lanes, he’s a champion off the lanes too. He loves to travel the world with his parents, he has a brown belt in Kyo Kushin Karate and he’s completed two years of mini-medical school. He gives back through the Elite Youth Tour in their monthly charities.

“Joining Team Storm is a blessing to my family and I. It’s special to me because Storm is THE leader in the bowling industry and has always been my favorite. Lastly, it means that my talent, work ethic, humility, and sportsmanship matters and is recognized by others in the sport that I love so much.”

About the Evolution Program The Evolution Program was created in 2021 and is a free program open to all youth athletes who believe bowling is a sport and have a strong desire to learn and sharpen their skills on and off the lanes. This program has something to offer every athlete along their journey within the sport regardless of their starting point. Applications are reviewed monthly. Once accepted, athletes in the Evolution Program receive an email on the first of every month filled with a variety of lessons to enhance their learning process in the sport of bowling. This program does not replace a personal coach but will give athletes items to discuss with their team during training sessions. Each lesson includes a monthly challenge that they are encouraged to submit. To learn more about the Evolution Program click here: