Storm Products Introduces Evolution Staff Program

By Blair Blumenscheid

5 min read

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Storm Products is excited to introduce the Evolution Staff Program reserved for a small number of exceptional youth players who represent the future of the sport.

“This program is the next evolution in our brand’s purpose to grow the sport of bowling,” Gary Hulsenberg, VP of Business Development said. “This program is designed to connect the top athletes with our team as they work towards their goals to compete professionally in the sport one day in the future. In addition, they have the ability to communicate the positive impact bowling has had on their lives and introduce the sport to those who might not be aware of the opportunities.”

Those chosen to participate in the program have exceptional grades, are involved in community service initiatives, and successfully compete in local, state and national youth events. The first two athletes who have been named to the Storm Evolution Staff Program are Spencer Robarge and Jillian Martin.

“Spencer and Jillian are two of the best youth athletes in the sport of bowling right now,” Hulsenberg said. “Beyond their dedication on the lanes they are committed to their academics and are respected by their peers.”

Jillian Martin of Stow, Ohio attends Stow-Munroe Falls High School and will be the first female athlete to join the Evolution Staff Program. At age 14, Martin decided to move up and compete in the U20 age division at the most prominent youth bowling stage, the 2019 Junior Gold Championships. She led qualifying and is the youngest female to make Junior Team USA. She tied for ninth at the event.

“Honestly, joining Team Storm means everything. It’s everything I’ve ever worked for and I’m excited for the journey.” Martin said.

In addition to being a member of Junior Team USA, she has earned 2 Youth Open singles titles and one Youth Open All-Events titles. She was also named the Ohio High School State Athletic Association Girl’s Bowling Champion as a freshman. She has successfully competed in two PWBA events and has earned 7 Storm Youth Championship titles.

“I’m looking forward to being able to work together to grow the sport of bowling and to be on such a great team with so many great people,” Martin said. “The opportunity to be able to meet those people and develop those relationships means a lot.”

Jillian’s determination and passion for the sport is visible whenever you see her competing on the lanes, but her support system has been vital to her success on the lanes. The Evolution Staff Program will keep each athlete and their support system connected throughout the program as these athletes continue to step towards their future on the lanes. The Evolution Staff Program requires each athlete’s parent or legal guardian to be part of the process.

“Jillian has put in a lot of hard work trying to get to this point,” John Martin, Jillian’s father said. “She really loves the Storm family and it means a lot to her. It’s fun to see a 16-year-old be able to demonstrate the level of maturity that she needs to exhibit to be part of this program. She’s grown up very fast in the bowling community. It helps having the right support network behind her so she can continue to do what she’s doing.”

“When we look at the family that Storm is, we are so excited that that is the family that Jillian is becoming a part of,” Lori Martin, Jillian’s mother said. “The values and the morals and everything that you all do is a continuation of what we’ve tried to instill in her as she has grown up. We couldn’t be prouder for her to become part of your family.”

Spencer Robarge of Springfield, Missouri attends Kickapoo High School and will be the first male athlete to join the Evolution Staff Program. He is a member of Junior Team USA and has earned one gold medal and two silver medals while representing Team USA. Spencer has shattered records and currently holds the USBC Youth record for certified 300 games (36). In 2015, he earned the U12 Junior Gold Championship title, has earned two Youth Open titles, and two USA Bowling titles. He has also earned a record, ten Storm Youth Championship titles. He has been chosen as the MOUSBC Youth Bowler of the Year and has also been chosen as the MOUSBC Youth Male Volunteer of the Year. He serves on the Greater Springfield Youth and Missouri State Youth Board of Directors.

“This is years of hard work and dedication coming to fruition,” Robarge said. “I’m really excited to be part of an awesome team of bowlers and great people.” “I’m really looking forward to the interaction with the tour players and the tour reps. Learning about the game is what I want to do. That’s what I’m really going to benefit from.”

As Robarge has continued to excel on the lanes, his mother Susan and brother Blake have supported him through every step of his journey. Blake who competed at Wichita State University is also a member of Team Storm and has developed a successful pro shop business. Blake who has also helped Spencer develop his game throughout the years and continues to push him to succeed. The Robarge family recently celebrated Spencer’s commitment to also attend and bowl collegiately at Wichita State University in the 2021.

“This is honestly a dream come true,” Susan Robarge said. “I’m so happy for him and so proud of how hard he has worked. He just loves to bowl and continue to inspire others to join the sport. I think he will make you guys proud.”

“When we witnessed Robarge win his first title at the Junior Gold Championship, we knew this kid would be extraordinary.” Hulsenberg said. “You can teach youth athletes about the game and how to be a great professional, but integrity and leadership comes from within. We’ve witnessed both Spencer and Jillian encourage others and commit themselves completely to the sport of bowling. Both of these young athletes will be assets for the introduction of this program and will help us in peer-to-peer activities to continue to push bowling forward,”

Applications for the Evolution Staff Program are reviewed monthly. To truly service the youth athletes within the program we must limit the enrollment. Based on your application, you may receive an email with an opportunity to participate in our Developmental Evolution Program which is designed to help youth athletes gain the skills necessary to become an official member of the Evolution Staff Program.

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