Comparing The Road with the Hyroad by Yannick Roos

The Road vs Hy-Road Bowling Balls: The Ultimate Comparison

By Yannick Roos

4 min read

Bowlers often face the challenge of selecting the perfect ball to suit both their style and the lane conditions. This article goes into the specifics and performance differences between Storm’s newest bowling ball The Road and the original Hy-Road. Many have been asking how these two bowling balls compare to try and understand which ball might better suit their game.

The Contenders

The Hy-Road has been in production for over 15 years at Storm. It truly is a bowling ball that stand the test of time. Over the years, Storm has made many technological advancements. Including A.I. Core Technology.

The Road is the newest ball in the Road family, featuring the Inverted Fe² A.I. Core and the REX Hybrid Coverstock.

In-Depth Testing on the Lanes

To fairly compare the two, both were drilled with a pin-up layout, specifically a 4 1/2 x 4 x 2. They were then taken to the lanes for a detailed test. The conditions included a freshly oiled lane, with the beaten path pattern.

Initial Throws with The Road

The Road was up first. After throwing the Road for five shots from a consistent starting point, observations were made regarding its movement and its reaction to the lane conditions. The Road showed an earlier roll on the lane due to its lower RG and stronger cover, which indicated that it could be a reliable choice for earlier games in a series when the lanes are fresh.

Comparing to the Hy-Road

Switching to the Hy-Road, the immediate difference was its ability to travel cleaner through the fronts of the lane and make a stronger and later turn at the breakpoint. This characteristic allows the Hy-Road to be more suitable when the lanes start breaking down and more backend reaction is necessary to strike effectively.

Necessary Adjustments for Optimal Performance

During the testing, it became apparent that as the oil pattern wore down, slight adjustments were needed. A small move, like adjusting two boards left, was tested to optimize the comparison between The Road and the Hy-Road’s reaction to the decreasing amount of lane oil.

Comparative Analysis

Upon comparing both balls post-testing, several differences stood out:

  • Cover Stock Strength: The Road has a stronger cover stock that engages earlier with the lane.
  • RG and Core Differences: With a lower RG, the Road rolls earlier, while the Hy-Road, offers more length before hooking.
  • Breakpoint Management: The Hy-Road manages to maintain a cleaner path longer and makes a decisive hook at the breakpoint, suitable for drier lane conditions.

Strategic Use of Each Ball

  • Early in the bowling block: The Road is ideal when the lanes are transitioning, offering stability and predictability with its earlier roll.
  • As lanes break down: The Hy-Road comes into play, providing versatility and the ability to manage later breakpoints effectively.