The Reality brings a solid version of the incredibly strong S84 Response Cover to the table. Combined with the revolutionary Disturbance Core, we have created a truly unique heavy oil ball motion. The cover utilizes a technology that increases microscopic pore sizes within the cover by up to 20%. Larger pore size means more oil absorption and increased traction. The Disturbance Core creates asymmetry by having differing shapes on the bottom and top the weight block. This compact core yields the RG/Diff values all bowlers demand.

Released: January 29, 2021

Color: Magenta/Aqua/Midnight Blue
This kit contains:

Technical Specifications

  • 12 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 13 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 14 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 15 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 16 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration







The Disturbance Asymmetric Core creates asymmetry by utilizing differing shapes on the bottom and top of the weight block. This core was designed with a focus on a shape that will fill a space with the least amount of material, yet still yield the RG/Diff values that all bowlers demand..

S84 Response Coverstock

The S84 Response Solid Cover utilizes a technology that promotes up to 20% larger pore sizes. By offering this cover in a 2000 Abralon finish, we have ensured maximum traction in the heaviest of oil. The Reality offers the most hook within the 900 Global product line.

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September 5, 2022
Why did I wait so long to get the 900 Global REALITY?
I was really late to the party with the 900 Global REALITY.

The ball was released at the start of 2021 and I didn’t get it until mid-2022.

The reason is that I had ultra-strong balls that I like, and I knew nothing of the REALITY. But continuously seeing top-level players having success with it convinced me to get one.

And it was a great decision, because the REALITY provides a different look than my other favorite strong balls: the Storm NOVA is sharper and the PROTON PHYSIX is “rollyier.”

The REALITY for me provides a rounder, fairly continuous motion that reminds me most of the Roto Grip UFO.

The REALITY was the first ball in the line featuring the Disturbance Asymmetric core. The cover is the S84 Response Solid. It comes 2,000-grit box finish.

I chose a strong pin-up drilling with the pin well above the bridge and the MB kicked right for my REALITY. With my PAP of 4 7/8 over and 5/8 up, the numbers are 5 3/8 pin-PAP, 4 1/4 MB-PAP, and 1 5/8 pin buffer. (The Disturbance core numbers are nearly identical for 14, 15 and 16 pounds, so my review should apply for all those weights.)

I have used the REALITY on the Dick Weber 45 lane pattern in the PBA60 Dick Weber Classic, on the house shot practicing at Ten Pin Alley, and the house shot in the SSBA senior tournament in Clinton, Iowa.

It gave me reaction on the Weber from an inside line that would have produced way better results if my wrist weren’t hurting and stiff from the preceding PBA50 JAX 60 Open.

On the Ten Pin house shot, I could play inside 15-board at the arrows going out to around 10.

In the SSBA tournament, I was able to fire the ball as fast as my 60-year-old bones could up around 10-board and had hold and roll-up if I got it a little right. And I struck a ton for three games before switching to the 900 Global WOLVERINE DARK MOSS as I earned the top seed by more than 100 pins.

One of the best things about the REALITY is that I don’t have to force it to the break point, like I feel like I have to with the PROTON PHYSIX. The REALITY only hooks too early if I grab it.

It also is a ball you can roll away from the pocket and have it curve back, which many strong balls don’t do well because they burn up and 2-pin or flat 10. This means you can move in as the lane begins to transition and don’t automatically have to switch balls.

The REALITY also is good at telling you when to put it away as it starts hooking too early so you lose the pocket, or it starts hitting weak so you know it’s burning up.

I would recommend the REALITY for anyone looking for a strong ball, as I have seen top-level players with all styles succeeding with it, including some who have shined it up.

The only people I wouldn’t recommend it for are those who bowl only in centers with not enough oil for it.

If you haven’t noticed, 900 Global really is on a roll with the ZENs and the REALITYs.
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Ronald Edwards Jr
February 3, 2022
Just Anazing
Got the Reality drilled 8 days ago and shot 2 300’s and my very first 800 set! I got the Altered Reality drilled and shot a 300 with it also this week! This is the greatest ball I have ever owned! Just an amazing 1-2 punch!!!!!!!
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Roto Grip Rick
April 24, 2021
This Reality is for REAL
Global 900 Reality - S84 solid reactive coverstock - Disturbance asymmetrical core
2000ab grit factory finish - layout - 70 x 6 x 35

My first Global 900 ball turns out to be a blast of awesomeness! When I saw the picture of the core, I instantly contacted Mike Sinek, staff manager for SPI, that this was going to be a HOME RUN! The core is very similar to the RG Epic Battle from a few years ago and I scored a TON with that ball.

Fast-forward to 2021 and found the Reality to be super in length and holding a ton of energy into the pocket. Pin carry was exceptionally well. The motion all the way down the lane was very subtle and not ultra violent.

An Asys ball that still can be a benchmark ball for mid to heavy volume patterns may it be house or sport conditions. very similar to the Roto Grip RST-X1, just a little smoother in pocket angle.

Thanks again to Bret Bowlers' Supply, Inc and Vise Inserts for their constant support and tutoring...

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