Navigating Pro Shop Services
        By Nichole Thomas
        3 min read

Expert Help at Your Fingertips: Navigating Pro Shop Services

By Nichole Thomas
3 min read

Have you ever found yourself puzzled over what to do with the old bowling ball you inherited from your grandparents? Or perhaps you’re eyeing the latest release from Storm and wondering if it’s the right fit for you? Visiting your local pro shop can provide answers to these questions and many more. Pro shops offer a range of services that might seem complex at first, but they are essential for enhancing your bowling experience. From custom ball fitting to expert advice on the latest equipment, pro shop operators are invaluable resources for bowlers of all levels. In this article, we'll dive into the world of pro shop services and how they can elevate your game. We'll explore how to effectively communicate with pro shop operators, ensuring you get the most out of your visit, and outline what you can expect during your trip. Whether you're a first-time bowler or looking to upgrade your gear, this guide will help you navigate your pro shop experience with confidence and ease.

Why Visit a Pro Shop?

Ordering Equipment

You can order all Storm equipment from any Storm-affiliated pro shop. These shops have access to the latest gear and can even take pre-orders for upcoming ball releases. This ensures you're always ahead of the game with the latest technology.

Proper Ball Drilling

Fit and Comfort: A properly drilled ball improves your comfort and grip. Think of it as a glove tailored to your hand's exact shape.

Performance: Different drilling patterns can drastically change how your ball reacts on the lanes. Whether you want a smooth roll or a powerful back-end reaction, correct drilling is key.

Performance Enhancement

Custom-fitted equipment doesn't just feel better; it can also prevent injuries and improve your game. Ill-fitted gear can lead to strains and bad habits that are hard to break.

Maintenance Services

Regular services like ball resurfacing, cleaning, and repairs keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Skipping maintenance is like driving a car without regular oil changes—eventually, performance will suffer.

Plugging and Re-Drilling

If you’ve inherited or purchased a used bowling ball, plugging and re-drilling can give it a new lease on life. This process involves filling the existing finger holes with a specialized resin and then drilling new holes that fit your hand perfectly. Plugging ensures the ball's balance and integrity are restored, allowing for optimal performance on the lanes. For bowlers with budget constraints, buying a used ball from your local pro shop can be an excellent option, as these balls are often reconditioned and come with expert fitting services to meet your needs affordably.

What You Can Learn from Your Pro Shop Operator

Equipment Selection

Bowling Balls: Your pro shop operator can advise on the right ball weight, core type, and coverstock. These variables can make a huge difference in how you perform. A direct conversation with your pro shop operator provides clear, tailored guidance that aligns with your unique bowling style and goals, ensuring you get the most suitable ball for your needs.

Shoes and Accessories: The right shoes offer the perfect blend of support and slide, and accessories like wrist supports can add consistency to your game. Many pro shops have these items in-stock, allowing you to try them on before buying!

Maintenance Tips

Routine Cleaning: Keep your ball clean to extend its lifespan. Simple regular cleaning can make it perform like new.

Resurfacing and Repairs: Learn when your ball needs resurfacing or repairs. This keeps it in optimal condition and can prevent costly replacements.

Gameplay Strategies

Lane Conditions: Different lane conditions require different strategies. Your pro shop operator can help you understand how to read a lane and adjust accordingly.

Technique Improvement: If your bowling center does not offer coaching, consider asking your pro shop operator for tips. Basic tips can dramatically improve your throwing technique and consistency. Small adjustments can lead to significant improvements in your score.

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Pro Shop Operator

Be Open About Your Experience Level

Clearly stating whether you're a beginner, recreational bowler, or have some experience helps the operator give tailored advice.

Share Your Goals

Mention if you're looking to improve your score, join a league, or just enjoy casual bowling. Knowing your goals helps the operator suggest the right equipment and services.

Discuss Any Physical Considerations

Physical attributes and limitations can influence equipment choices. Talk about your strength or any injuries that might affect your game.

Ask Questions

Don't shy away from asking questions. Whether it's about the differences between ball types, how often to maintain your equipment, or how to use specific accessories, asking ensures you fully understand the advice given.

Be Honest About Your Budget

Clearly communicating your budget allows the operator to provide the best options within your price range.

Making the Most of Your Pro Shop Visit

Schedule a Visit

Call ahead or check if the pro shop accepts walk-ins for personalized fittings and consultations. This ensures you have adequate time for a thorough consultation.


Bring Your Existing Equipment

Bringing your current ball, shoes, and any other gear helps the operator understand your setup and make better recommendations.

Take Notes

Jot down key points discussed during your visit for future reference. It's easy to forget details, and notes can be a great resource later on.

Follow Up

Keep in touch with the pro shop for future advice, maintenance, or upgrades. Being up-to-date on new products or services allows for ongoing support.


Recapping, visiting a pro shop offers countless benefits. From personalized equipment to expert advice, it can drastically improve your bowling experience. Don’t hesitate—take the leap and visit your local pro shop. Share your experiences or questions on our Facebook page.

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