3G Racers: The Advantage of Shoes with Interchangeable Soles
        By Nichole Thomas
        3 min read

3G Racers: The Advantage of Shoes with Interchangeable Soles

By Nichole Thomas
3 min read

The right footwear can significantly enhance your bowling performance. Enter the 3G Racers, high-performance shoes designed to boost your game with their innovative interchangeable soles and heels. These features provide unparalleled versatility for bowlers of all skill levels, allowing you to customize your shoe's grip and slide to match any lane condition or personal preference.

Features and Innovations of 3G Racers

The 3G Racers stand out due to several advanced features. They come with two main soles and three heel options, allowing for fine-tuned performance adjustments. The shoes are also designed for easy maintenance with a pull tab for quick sole replacements. Their construction includes a durable, flexible leather upper for enhanced comfort and breathability, making them both practical and stylish.

Why Interchangeable Soles and Heels Matter

Bowling shoes without interchangeable soles can significantly limit a bowler's ability to adapt to varying lane conditions. These traditional shoes offer a fixed level of slide and grip, which may not be suitable across different environments. For instance, the shoes you wear to league slide perfect, but at a different center they may stick and cause you to fall. Slide covers are a quick fix for this but may provide too much slide. In contrast, the 3G Racers with their interchangeable sole system allow bowlers to fine-tune their footwear on the fly, providing the precise amount of slide or grip needed for each unique situation–making 3G Racers a superior choice for those looking to elevate their game.

Anatomy of the Racer

Racer Slide Graphic

The sole of the 3G Racers consists of a front sliding pad made from materials like leather or felt, which controls the slide. The heel, crafted from rubber or other grippy substances, provide braking power. This combination allows bowlers to start their approach smoothly and stop precisely at the foul line. You can choose from options like the S10, which offers a balanced slide suitable for most conditions, or the S18, a softer felt slide ideal for extra glide on tacky lanes. This adaptability ensures you always have the right level of control.

As stated, heels impact your braking action. The 3G Racers include options like the H3 for moderate stopping power, the H11 for more robust braking, and the H15 for maximum grip. This variety helps you manage your slide effectively and finish your approach with precision.

Optimizing Your Performance

To maximize the benefits of the 3G Racers, consider the following:

  • Choosing the Right Combination Select the appropriate sole and heel based on your playing style and the lane conditions. For instance, if you are sticking on the approach, you can change your heel, slide, or both to a higher number. Or if you’re a bowler with fast feet, change to a heel with a lower number.
  • Maintenance Tips: Use the provided shoe cover to protect your shoes when not on the lanes. Keep the soles and heels clean and dry and replace them as needed to maintain peak performance. The shoe's ventilation system also helps keep them fresh and comfortable.


The 3G Racers are more than just bowling shoes—they are a customizable tool designed to enhance your performance. By understanding and utilizing their interchangeable soles and heels, you can achieve better control and consistency, leading to higher scores. Upgrade your game with 3G Racers by visiting your local Proshop and stay tuned for a future post where we discuss the benefits of our more advanced Cleated Sole.

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