3G Racers: The Advantage of Shoes with Cleated Soles
        By Nichole Thomas
        3 min read

3G Racers: The Advantage of Shoes with Cleated Soles

By Nichole Thomas
3 min read

As discussed in the previous article, 3G Racers offer peak customization for the bowlers who need more slide control. In addition to the 5 interchangeable slide options, 3G also offers cleated soles for the more advanced bowlers. Traditionally what may come to mind when you think of “cleats” is sharp spikes on the bottom of football or soccer shoes. Bowling cleats are very different; cleats are a small round insert that can be placed in 1 of 7 holes in a cleated sole. 3G offers 6 different cleat options, all with different levels of friction (slide potential). The ability to modify the friction on every inch of your slide allows for ultimate comfortability on any lane condition.

The Role of Cleats in Bowling Shoes

While 3G’s interchangeable soles are a big step up from traditional (non-interchangeable) soles, cleats offer even more nuanced control over grip and slide, making them a game-changer for advanced bowlers.

How Cleats Differ from Traditional Soles

Traditional bowling shoes come with flat soles that provide a uniform level of slide and grip. Cleated soles, on the other hand, offer the most customization. You can fine-tune your slide and grip to match the specific approach conditions, giving you an edge over your competition. Afterall, it is much easier to bowl your best when your slide feels consistent.

Adjustability and Customization

Let's dive into how you can adapt these shoes to fit your unique style and the conditions you're bowling in.

Types of Cleats Available for 3G Racers

3G Racers come with 6 cleat variations, each designed for different levels of tackiness and slide:

  • Teflon Cleat: Low friction, ideal for maximum slide
  • Felt Cleat: Medium to low friction
  • Deer Skin Cleat: Medium 1 friction
  • Chrome Leather Cleat: Medium 2 friction
  • Back Skin Cleat: Medium to high friction
  • Oil Leather Cleat: High friction, suitable for maximum grip

How to Change and Adjust Cleats

Changing and adjusting cleats in 3G Racer shoes is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Remove the Existing Cleat: Easily remove the current cleat from the shoe.
  2. Select the New Cleat: Choose a cleat, or a combination of cleats, that match the approach conditions you expect.
  3. Attach the New Cleat: Align the new cleat with the cut out in the sole and press firmly to secure it in place.
  4. Test your Slide: Take a few practice slides to ensure the new cleat provides the desired level of control. It may take a few adjustments to find the cleat combination that feels most comfortable.

For maintenance, always keep your cleats clean and free from debris. Store them in a protective case like the MVP+ Accessory Case to prolong their lifespan.

Performance Benefits

Why should you consider upgrading to cleated soles?

Enhanced Slide Control

Cleats offer superior slide control compared to traditional soles. By adjusting the combination of cleats, you can precisely control how much you slide, ensuring a smoother approach and delivery.

Improved Stability and Balance

With better grip and slide customization, cleated soles improve your stability and balance. This can be a game-changer during your approach and delivery, leading to more consistent and accurate shots.

Adaptability to Various Lane Conditions

The condition of approaches can vary widely–even across the same center–and cleats allow you to adapt quickly. Whether the approaches are tacky, slick, or somewhere in between, you can adjust your cleats to match, maintaining consistency and improving your overall performance.


3G Racer Bowling Shoes are not just another pair of bowling shoes; they are a finely-tuned tool designed to enhance your performance. With their advanced cleat technology, you gain better control, stability, and adaptability, making them a must-have for any serious bowler. So why settle for less? Upgrade your game with 3G Racers today and experience the difference for yourself.

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