The Key to Storm’s Performance Lines

By Nichole Thomas
3 min read

Choosing the right ball for your game can be tricky without the help of your local Pro Shop, but Storm’s performance lines simplify this by categorizing attributes to provide the easiest purchasing experience. These attributes include the expected amount of hook, suitable oil conditions, controllability, and more. According to the Storm Brand Guidelines, “As a rule, the balls hook more and are suited to heavier oil conditions at the Premier line, and get less so on down to the Ice line. This also correlates to skill levels, with Premier typically being the highest skilled. While the more advanced lines (Premier, Signature, Master, etc.) are designed for highly skilled bowlers, these bowlers will typically want a variety of balls in their ‘arsenal,’ including those in the less advanced lines.” Within these seven lines are our iconic benchmark balls like the Ion Pro, Mix spare balls, and everything in between.

If you’re new to bowling, need a reliable spare ball, or know a kid interested in joining a league, our Ice and Tropical Lines are perfect for you. The Mix, a well-known and trusted ball in our Ice Line, is a common choice for spares and beginner bowlers. With a traditional 3-piece core and urethane coverstock, it ensures durability and predictability. Its low flare potential and late hook length provide a consistent and smooth ball motion. In the Tropical Line, you’ll find the Tropical Surge, a step up from the Mix, featuring a Pearl Reactive coverstock, Surge Core, and medium flare potential, allowing for a sharper turn.

The Thunder Line is the next step up in performance, ideal for those seeking predictability and versatility in league or tournaments. The Pitch Black, one of our most well-known urethane balls, exemplifies the Thunder Line’s power and reliability. Its porous coverstock and Capacitor Core regulate flare potential and excel on wood lanes or shorter oil patterns. Another standout in this line, the Hy-Road, is Storm’s longest-running high-performance ball. Its R2S Hybrid Reactive coverstock ensures it clears the front part of the lane with impressive backend movement. Depending on your needs, either of these Thunder Line balls will offer essential predictability.

The Master Line, our third highest performance line, showcases the pinnacle of symmetrical core power and performance. These balls are tournament-ready, designed to win. One of our benchmark balls, the !Q Tour, is renowned for its forgiving shape, thanks to the C3 Centripetal Control Core, benefiting bowlers in any condition. The symmetrical core allows for quick revs and smooth directional changes down the lane, making the !Q Tour ideal for bowlers needing more control at the breakpoint.

For tournament bowlers and pros, our Signature and Premier lines feature some of our most renowned balls. The ,Ion Pro, releasing June 21st, is our latest Premier ball and the first asymmetric benchmark ball designed by Storm. It’s crafted to balance performance across various lane conditions without needing to switch balls, accommodating all types of players.

Each line serves a specific purpose: manageable reactions for fun, versatility for competitors, control for spares, and more. When searching for your first ball or one to fit into your established arsenal, Storm’s performance lines can guide your decision.