Storm DNA Coil: New High-Performance Versatile Bowling Ball
 Storm DNA Coil: New High-Performance Versatile Bowling Ball

Storm DNA Coil: New High-Performance Versatile Bowling Ball

By Dylan Byars

2 min read

Storm Bowling Products introduces the latest addition to their arsenal, the DNA Coil, promising bowlers a versatile tool to enhance their game. Let's delve into what makes this ball stand out among its peers, as well as how it compares to others in the Storm lineup.

The DNA Coil boasts a Supercoil Core, strategically designed to optimize mass distribution. This design enables the ball to read the midlane with precision, providing an early revving action ideal for a variety of lane conditions. Coupled with the EXO Pearl coverstock and Reacta Gloss finish, the DNA Coil offers a balanced blend of length and responsiveness without the excessive over/under reactions commonly associated with pearl balls.

Our team of demonstrators, including Rob King, Ken Fong, Steve Kloempken, Chad Mclean, Hank Boomershine, Yannick Roos, Chayton Petersen, and myself provides valuable insights into the performance of the DNA Coil compared to other balls in Storm's lineup.

Rob King highlights the DNA Coil's early revving action, making it a reliable choice for tournament play, especially as lanes break down. Ken appreciates the ball's controllable shape and increased length compared to the original DNA, providing him with versatility on varying lane conditions.

Steve Kloempken finds the DNA Coil effective on heavy oil patterns, with its ability to maintain shape and drive through the pins consistently. Chad notes how the DNA Coil fits into his lineup between the Exotic Gem and Virtual Energy Blackout, offering a unique combination of center-heavy weight block and aggressive coverstock.

As a left-hander, Hank Bommershine praises the DNA Coil's adaptability with his chosen layout, allowing him to fine-tune his approach for maximum pin carry. Yannick, Chayton, and myself also commend the DNA Coil for its versatility and predictability, highlighting its ability to accommodate different playing styles and lane conditions.

In summary, the DNA Coil presents bowlers with a versatile option to navigate various lane conditions with confidence. Its blend of core design and coverstock formulation offers a balanced performance that stands out among its peers in Storm's lineup. Whether you're seeking early revving action, controllable shape, or adaptability, the DNA Coil delivers, making it a valuable addition to any bowler's arsenal.