Steve Kloempken


I consider myself to be the luckiest person in bowling. I started bowling when I was 11 and was fortunate enough to get frequent bowling lessons from one of the most respected bowlers and coaches in the history of our sport, Don Johnson. Upon retiring from the PBA Tour, Don gave lessons full-time at Charleston Heights in Las Vegas Nevada, just a few miles from my home. So, I often threw my bowling bag over my shoulder and rode my bike down the street to learn from one of the best our sport has ever known. If that’s not luck, I don’t know what is.

I grew up playing soccer but quickly developed a passion for bowling, a sport which has taken me all around the world to compete, to educate, and to coach. What makes our sport so great is that it truly unites us. And it’s through bowling that I met my wife Marcia.

When I’m not bowling, I love to stay active doing anything from mountain biking and hiking with my two Rottweilers (Gus and Zola) to snowboarding and golfing. As long as it doesn’t involve a bat, I’m good with it. I once struck out playing slow-pitch softball— yes, it’s true. And the ‘walk of shame’ back to the dugout is one I never want to experience again!


  • USBC Hall of Fame, 2016
  • Team USA member, 2 times
  • FIQ World Championships Gold Medalist, 2 times
  • Pan Am Games Gold Medalist
  • U.S. Olympic Festival Gold Medalist, 2 times
  • USBC Open Championships Tournament Champion, 2 times
  • Bowlers Journal All-American Amateur team, 2 times
  • World Team Challenge Champion, 4 times
  • Collegiate National Champion, 3 times
  • Collegiate Bowler of the Year