Spencer Robarge


    I got into bowling because of my grandma. She was always there for me throughout her life until her passing in July of 2019. Today I work as hard as I can to become the greatest player I can be on and off the lanes. I hope to go onto the professional tour after graduating college at Wichita State University and become one of the best.


    Usually, if I am not bowling or doing something bowling related I am either playing pinball or listening to 70s music or both at the same time.


    • 10 Storm Youth Championship titles
    • 2 USBC Youth Eagles
    • 2 USA Bowling titles
    • 1 Junior Gold title
    • 1 PBA Inaugural Junior National Championship title
    • 2 time Jr Team USA member
    • 24 Gateway Classic titles
    • 11 Heart of America titles
    • 41 career sanctioned 300 games USBC Youth record
    • 21 career sanctioned 800 series (2nd all-time for youth)