Age: 34

On Tour Since: 2013

Hometown: London, UK

Style: Right

I was born and raised in Feltham, England- just outside London. I have been bowling since I was born following in the footsteps of my mother and father, Brenda and Maurice. From when I can remember, I was travelling the world following my parents as they competed at a corporate level. At the age of 14 I started playing for England and this progressed into my Adult career. In 2009 I attended Bradford University and studied Software Engineering achieving a Bachelors Degree. I worked for a small company for a few years after graduating before being laid off, this is when I took the leap into becoming a professional bowler. I joined the PBA tour in 2013. In my spare time I am a keen supporter of Leeds United Football Club and watching their games. I also co-own a pro shop with my brother Raymond Teece called ‘Stringing Strikes Services.’ If I’m not in the shop, or watching my team play, you’ll find me at Airport Bowl trying to become a better bowler.

Career Highlights

PBA Titles

2017 — PBA Shark Championship, Las Vegas, NV

Other Achievments

Member of England’s national team from 2004-2014

Won 2016 European Bowling Tour rankings championship