Olivia Farwell


As a recent college graduate when I am not competing on the lanes, I enjoy being in the gym, playing with my dogs, and spending time with my family; especially going shopping with my Nanny. I also enjoy working on continuing to raise awareness for college bowling through my social media page called Collegiate Bowling that I created two years ago.

Some of my favorite activities outside of bowling include fishing, going to NHL games, going hiking, and drawing.


PWBA Honors
- 2022 PWBA Rookie of the Year

National Team Accolades (United States)
Years on Team USA (1): 2023
Years on Junior Team USA (1): 2019

Other Accomplishments/Awards/Notes
- Fifth-place finish at 2022 PWBA Pepsi Classic
- 2022 NTCA Division I Player of the Year (Duquesne)
- 2022 NTCA first-team All-American (Duquesne)
- 2021-2022 NCBCA first-team All-American (Duquesne)
- Runner-up at 2022 Intercollegiate Singles Championships (Duquesne)
- 2019 and 2022 NEC Bowler of the Year (Duquesne)
- 2019 and 2020 NTCA second-team All-American (Duquesne)
- 2018 NTCA honorable mention All-American (Duquesne)
- 2018 NEC Rookie of the Year (Duquesne)
- 2017 and 2018 Youth Open Championships doubles champion
- 2017 National High School singles champion