Nate Garcia


    Bowling has always been a huge part of my life since I could remember. Growing up with a family that bowled league two nights a week, you could always find my brothers and I inside of a bowling center in the arcade, watching our parents bowl, or hitting the lanes ourselves once league was over. I've been bowling since I was 3 years old and just something about pins flying across the deck and a bowling ball cracking the pins when it enters the pocket is just something I can't live without.

    I started getting into competitive bowling when I entered high school; where I bowled for Treasure Coast High and ended up becoming a State Qualifier my freshmen year. As high school quickly came and went, I decided to bowl at the Collegiate Level for Webber International University. I was able to represent the school with a USBC Nationals Singles Finals show in 2014 and won 2 National Championship Team Titles in 2017 (NAIA and USBC.)

    Right after college, I pursued my lifelong dream of becoming a professional bowler and being out on the PBA Tour full time. I won my first regional title shortly after graduating and it just shows that with enough hard work, determination, and belief in your abilities, dreams do come true. I can't thank Storm enough for their belief in me and I look forward to winning many more times representing the best company in the world.;


    • 2014 USBC Singles National Finalist
    • 2017 NAIA Team National Champion
    • 2017 USBC Collegiate Team National Champions
    • 2018 Regional Title #1
    • Highest finish in National PBA Event 11th