"To be part of the evolution team is an extraordinary privilege and a dream come true. I'm thankful for the opportunity and making the most out of it every day. I'm looking forward to a great year being part of the Storm Evolution Team!"

What is your signature (what you are known for) as an athlete? If you don't think you have one yet, what do you hope that people will remember about you as a competitor?

"Great friend a fearless competitor"

What is your favorite Storm Bowling Ball?

"Fast Pitch"


  • Wining U12 Jr gold 2021
  • Wining 2 PBA Junior Regional
  • Wining 5 SYC titles
  • Wining an Eagle (US Open doubles) 2021
  • Wining EYT doubles
  • Bowler of the year 2021 GYBT
  • First international competition event in Puerto Rico 2022