Maribeth Baker


Hi! I am Maribeth Baker! This coming year is exciting as I love bowling and will select a college to continue my career for the next four years. I love animals including my chinchilla, bearded dragon, and my axolotls. Another passion is playing video games with my friends online! Lastly, I love the opportunities bowling has allowed me to travel across the country and meet so many amazing people and see amazing places.


Who is your Professional Athlete Idol?

"Kelly Kulick"

What is your favorite Storm Bowling Ball?

"Infinite Physix"


  • 2 SYC Title
  • 18-Time SYC medalist
  • Teen Masters Kegel Cup Team Champs
  • 3 Time High School SOL Singles Champ
  • 2 Time Pennsylvania District Pepsi Champ
  • 1 Time Pennsylvania State Pepsi Champ
  • MAJBT - 2 Time Champion
  • PJBT - Pennsylvania Junior Bowler's - 6-time champ
  • Bowl For Life Athlete of the Month
  • 3 - 300 games