Lara Kurt


My name is Lara Kurt, and I attend SCAD in Savannah, GA, and when it comes being on the lanes, I am a very passionate and ??erce bowler, but I also love just cracking a few jokes or laughing in between shots with my friends or teammates! In addition to enjoying all the memories and fun on the lanes, I enjoy many things off the lanes! I am currently majoring in User Experience (UX) Design, and I enjoy creating new friendships in the classroom as well as collaborating with other students in striving to change the world for those around us! All this being said, I’m a pretty outgoing person who loves to either just talk all day or stay inside to watch a movie! When it comes to having some downtime, I love being outdoors which ranges from to just sitting outside or even waking up to enjoy a good surf on the beach! Some other things I love are dogs, sushi, binge watching shows, eating food in general, and just being able to do the things I love day in and day out! Overall, something I’ve learned over the years with all the paths life has taken me down, always remember that “Life is happening to you, but you are also happening to life,” so don’t hang on to all the not so good moments in life as good ones are coming!

What does it mean to you to join Team Storm?

"To join the Team Storm family has been a dream come true since I started bowling from a young age, and I contribute many of my successes to Storm Products with the equipment that the Storm team takes time to perfect, which is why I am honored to be representing such a prestigious brand!"

What is your favorite Storm Bowling Ball?

"900 Global Reality"


  • Making Jr. Team USA, and representing our country internationally
  • winning back to back NAIA National Championships
  • NAIA All-Academic Team
  • Sun Confernece Scholar Athlete Team
  • Dean's List