Kyle Sherman


    Bowling has been a focal part of my life every day since I can remember. My parents were very established bowlers in the St. Louis area which made growing up in a bowling alley about my only option. But that was okay because I quickly fell in love with game. When growing up, I played every sport you could think of, hell I even danced for a couple years. My passion changed briefly from bowling to basketball which was short lived as I realized my NBA dream was probably not coming true.

    Overall I'm a very laidback individual. I don't need a lot to be happy and I cherish my friends and relationships more than anything.


    • 1 PBA Title – 2019 Storm PBA-PWBA Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles
    • 2020 Member of Team USA
    • 2014 Collegiate Champion
    • Four-time academic All-American
    • Former member of Junior Team USA