Jesper Svensson

Age: 28

On Tour Since: 2014

Hometown: Vimmerby, Sweden

Style: L 2 Handed

The biggest reason why I'm bowling is because of my dad. When growing up, seeing him play, made my dream of becoming a professional bowler a primary focus. I haven't bowl on tour for very long… but I'm here to stay. To train and compete against the best in the world makes me become a better bowler every day. I have seen what it takes to be the best in the world and I aspire to be there in the near future. When I’m not bowling, I am watching or playing other sports. I enjoy ice hockey, soccer and golf.

Career Highlights

PBA Titles

2015 - Bahrain International Championship

2015 - PBA Chameleon Championship, Reno, NV

2016 - Brunswick Euro Challenge, Munich, Germany

2016 - WBT Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

2017 - Mark Roth/Marshall Holman Doubles Championship, Portland, ME (Partner: Kyle Troup)

2017 - PBA Cheetah Championship, Reno, NV

2019 - PBA International WBT Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

2020 - Go Bowling! PBA Indianapolis Open, Indianapolis, IN

2020 - Mark Roth/Marshall Holman Doubles Championship, Indianapolis, IN (Partner: Kyle Troup)

2022 - THE STORM CUP: David Small's Best of the Best Championship, Jackson, MI

PBA Majors

2016 - FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions, Shawnee, OK


2016 - George Young High Average Award (226.07 average)

2016 - Harry Golden PBA Rookie of the Year

Other Achievments

First player to win five PBA titles by the age of 21

Youngest player to win PBA Tournament of Champions (20 years, 357 days)

Five-time member of Team Europe in Weber Cup

2014 - World Youth Masters champion, has also won numerous other medals in World Youth Championships competition

2016 - Sweden Rookie Sportsman of the Year