Inspired by the Past

By Matt McNiel

1 min read

The idea of the lightning drop came to me quite some time ago, when I first started working with Storm back in the winter of 2019. Being a huge fan of many of the early balls in the company’s history, I thought it would be cool to introduce a vintage line of t-shirts and other apparel that fans like me could wear.

The idea for a vintage line was tossed around a bit but never came to fruition, it got put on the back burner numerous times and it wasn’t until I was able to work an event with a good friend and sponsor (Cliff Barnes) of Coolwick that I was able to get the idea up and running thru a mutual partnership with bowling apparel giant.

With the growing popularity of drops in the retail marketplace, we wanted to capitalize on that trend and put our own spin on it. Releasing one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and accessories that would be available for a small period and then never again to ensure that an item purchased would have its rareness forever going forward. With the help of our in-house designer, Jessica Moe. A calendar for the year was put together.

The lightning drops will continue to bring back long-time favorite logos from Storm’s earlier times that were the foundations upon which the company was built. So many pieces of equipment that helped forge my bowling career and success, these iconic logos bring back many fond memories from years past. I always enjoy putting on my vintage wear and hope you will too!