Gazmine Mason


    I’m a graduate from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Informatics. I am also an entrepreneur. Upon graduation, I decided that more respect and visibility were required for our sport as well as other non-traditional sports.  Therefore, I vowed to be a global ambassador for the sport of bowling and launched my company Got Game, LLC in 2018.  Not only am I an ambassador for the sport of bowling, but I'm an advocate for all other non-traditional sports that don't get the recognition they deserve! Learn about GG, Got Game, and more at her website below.


    • Team USA member (2020)
    • 2 PWBA Regional Titles
    • 2X-Member of Junior Team USA (2015, 2016)
    • 10 Olympic medals (3 Gold, 6 Silver, 1 Bronze)
    • NCAA National Bowling Champion (2015)

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