What is the procedure for returning a product that may be defective?

All Storm products come with a 30 day, 90 day, one year, or five year manufacturer’s standard warranty starting at the date of original purchase. If you believe you may have purchased a defective item, please return the product to the place of original purchase for inspection and warranty verification. If you or the original vendor have any questions, please feel free to call us at (800) 369-4402 for further assistance.

Can I buy Storm merchandise direct? 

We do not sell our bowling balls or bags directly to the consumer. We ask that consumers contact their local Storm VIP pro shop for pricing and availability of Storm bowling balls and bags. If there is not a pro shop in your area, please contact us via email and will put you in touch with a regional sales manager. We do, however, make apparel and accessories available online. Please visit the Storm Shop to pick up your favorite items today.

Where can I purchase Storm products? 

We have a link on our website where you can locate a Storm VIP pro shop around the world that sells Storm products. If there is not one listed in your area, we will find one for you! Please contact us at  info@stormbowling.com with your city and state and we will get you in touch with one of our friendly regional sales managers!

How do I replace the wheels/axle on my roller bag? 

How can I find/purchase older or discontinued equipment? 

The best method to find older or discontinued equipment is through your local pro shop. They have a network of supply chains that may still have a few older or discontinued balls in stock. So get your favorite gear soon while supplies last.

Can I drill the Pin out? 

If the desired layout puts the pin too close to your fingers or puts the pin in your finger hole, you may do one of the following: drill the pin out, (completely removing the entire pin) or shift the layout slightly to leave at least a 1" buffer from the edge of the pin to the nearest hole.

How do I get my college/university considered for sponsorship? 

We ask that anyone who is interested in becoming a Storm sponsored team download and submit the college application form. All applications must be received by July 15th to be considered for the following year.

Storm College Application

What size glove or brace will best fit my hand?

It's best to visit your local pro shop to try it on before you purchase. If that is not an option, click here to open a suggested sizing guide.

What is the warranty procedure for Storm Shoes? 

Storm Bowling Products, Inc. has licensed the Storm brand name to Dexter Shoe Company. This means that Dexter will handle all warranty claims with any Storm branded shoes. If you have a warranty claim or defective issue or question, please contact Dexter at:  customercare@dexterbowling.com.

Do you still sell or service the original Surface Factory machine?

While we no longer sell the original Surface Factory machine, the larger vending machine with the bill acceptor and four rotating heads, we do continue to service them with parts and technical support. If you are in need of such, please email us at  tech@stormbowling.com or call us at 800-369-4402 or 435-723-0403.