Ernesto Reynoso


What's up! I'm Ernesto, a normal 16-year-old off the lanes! I love to have fun, and I'm very approachable! I also love playing basketball. It was my main sport before bowling, and I am pretty good at it! Also, I love snowboarding and working. I also run an online shoe business selling desired hype sneakers such as Jordan's, Nike Dunks, Designer brands, and more! You name it, I have it. I go to Vista Del Lago High School in California. Bowling has brought me so many amazing opportunities, and I could not thank my parents enough for taking me all over the country to compete and do what I love!


What does it mean to you to join Team Storm?

"Heart pounding. Blood owing. The exhilarating feeling you can’t get anywhere else is magical. To me, playing a sport becomes all of these things. It becomes a fun way to exercise. It’s something to look forward to when I’m feeling down. For me, that sport is bowling. It's what gets me going and what I love doing. I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life."

What is your favorite Storm Bowling Ball?

"Iq Tour Edition"


  • Winning 2023 U15 Junior Gold National Championships
  • Making the 2024 USA Developmental Team
  • 2024 PBA JR National Championships Winner
  • 2024 PBA JR Doubles Event Champion with EJ Tackett
  • 2024 U18 SYC Texas Champion
  • 2x PBA JR Regional Champion