Eddie Graham


I was born in Kankakee, Illinois but moved to Campbellsville, KY where at the early age of 5, I started my bowling career. I bowled in the YABA bowling program from age 5 till age 17 winning both City and State titles.  I helped my father manage and run a very successful youth program and became the KY State President of YABA. At age 16, I won the prestigious Mary Hardin award offered to outstanding Jr bowlers both academic and athletic.

Next I bowled for Western KY University, as a club sport, where the passion of the game clearly became precedent in my life. I joined the PBA at the age of 28, winning my first of 6 regional titles with one being the National Regional Players Invitational in Reno, Nev. winning me a spot into my first Tournament of Champions. Bowling on tour was often interrupted by raising a family, having my first child, managing a bowling center, managing numerous pro shops but the passion of tour never left. Although, never in my eyes did I achieve the many goals I had for myself on tour, i continued bowling competitively closer to home, winning City and State titles. This earned me a spot into the Dayton Hall of Fame.

As father time and life came beating down, along came the PBA50 tour. Although the personal life was at an all time low, going through the death of my father, a second divorce, death of an 11yr dog, losing a house and my businesses in a 8 month period, life sent me back on tour....at 50!!! Wow, what a year, cashing in every event, winning my first PBA 50 title, top 8 in points and going on to being Rookie of the Year. My second year on tour I had several top 10 finishes and once again was 100% in cashing.

Today, awaiting my 3rd year on PBA50 tour season, life is at its fulliest. I'm engaged to my fiancee, Kari, planning a June wedding in Myrtle Beach, and just purchased a new home.

In my free time I enjoy going to movies, bass fishing and being on my boat, playing golf and listening to live music. Ohio State buckeyes football fan, and yes, i am a fan of the greatest basketball program in the country....Kentucky #gobigblue


  • 2016 PBA50 Rookie of the Year
  • 1 PBA50 title
  • 2007 Regional Players Invitational Champion
  • 5 PBA Regional titles