Doug Kent


I am a very easygoing guy that never sits still. I am always fixing, building, or making something. I am a snowmobile collector. I enjoy buying, selling, and rebuilding snowmobiles. I have an amazing family. My wife Chrissie, daughter Natalie, and son Jacob is wonderful. We have two dogs, a shih tzu-maltese-pug named Dexter and a golden retriever named Lola. We own a bowling center in upstate New York where we spend most of our time, which seems to fly by these days! I had a 20+ year career on the PBA TOUR, winning 10 titles, with 4 of them being major titles. Those who know me know that I was a student of the game, and I always thought that knowledge was a huge advantage. If you ever see me out and about, don't be afraid to say hi or take a picture; I am as approachable as it gets!


  • 1991 ABC Masters Champion
  • 1996 Greater Detroit Open
  • 1997 Japan Cup
  • 1999 Johnny Petraglia Open
  • 2000 Indianapolis Open
  • 2001–02 PBA World Championship
  • 2002–03 Empire State Open
  • 2005–06 GEICO Classic
  • 2006–07 USBC Masters
  • 2006–07 PBA World Championship
  • 2006–07 Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year
  • USBC Hall of Fame
  • PBA Hall of Fame