Diana Zavjalova


    I picked up a bowling ball for the first time at age of 10 in Riga, Latvia, where I was born. Being born and raised in such a small country, I had no idea bowling was such a huge sport outside Europe until later, so I simultaneously played other sports – tennis, karate, skateboarding, dancing and anything that involved cool activities. But out of all of them, bowling was in heart the most.

    By age of 15 I had quit all the sports I was playing, except for bowling, and I decided that I wanted to become the best bowler in the world. So hard work began for me!

    Shortly after, I started traveling around Europe and taking part in European Bowling Tour and representing Latvia in European and World Championships in both youth and adult levels.

    I found success early by winning multiple medals for my country, so I became more determined and motivated to become the best version of myself.

    After I graduated high school in Riga, I moved to United States of America to pursue my dreams. I attended Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida. Not only did I graduate with Sports Business Management degree, but I was also part of the team who captured multiple National Championship titles!

    After I graduated WIU, I began to travel all over the world to compete at the highest level and spread my love of bowling with every person I crossed paths with!

    Fortunately, the PWBA tour came back in 2015 after a nearly two-decade break, so I joined the tour and have been part of it ever since. I have captured regular and major titles, and I have met some amazing people along the way, and I intend to continue this path for a long time!


    • 5 PWBA titles including 2 majors (2013 and 2017 USBC Queens)
    • 2 World Bowling Tour Titles
    • 1 PBA regional title
    • Won 10 International medals for team Latvia
    • 2014 Intercollegiate Singles champion
    • 2010-2011 Collegiate Rookie of the Year

    For more information on Diana Zavjalova, visit her website here.