Coolwick Apparel Named Official Merchandiser for Storm Youth Championships

By Blair Blumenscheid

4 min read

Storm Products is excited to announce Coolwick Apparel, a leading name in high-performance bowling gear, as the official merchandiser of the Storm Youth Championships (SYC) in 2024.

IAM Bowling joined Storm as the official merchandiser of the SYC when the events were created in 2017. Their commitment and support of the SYC helped the SYC Team at Storm enhance the events. Their dedication has played a fundamental role in making the events memorable for participants and families. In addition, their generosity was passed to the participants and families through their donations to the scholarship fund.

As we look forward to 2024, we do so with immense gratitude for IAM Bowling's support. Their contributions have not only elevated the overall experience but have also helped shape the vibrant SYC atmosphere.

“We can’t thank Kenny and Kathy Keegan of IAM Bowilng enough for their support over the years,” Leanne Hulsenberg, Tournament and Events Manager at Storm said. “The memories created through their merchandise and contributions will be cherished by the young bowlers who have had the privilege of participating in the SYCs. We wish them success in continuing to promote the love of bowling through their demanding business operations.”

The athletes and their families arrive with excitement and anticipation at every SYC event. They have come to expect an SYC Gear area filled with a collection of creative bowling gear only available at the events. The team at Coolwick is excited to join the SYC to create innovative and high-quality items that will be available in-person at all the events in 2024. A portion of all the SYC merchandise sold is donated by Coolwick to the scholarship fund.

In addition, Coolwick Apparel has created a Storm Youth Championships Apparel website that will showcase the SYC collection, featuring exclusive designs that capture the spirit of the Storm Youth Championships. From stylish jerseys to comfortable sportswear, participants and fans can expect a range of high-quality apparel options that blend performance with style. You can visit to see the full lineup of gear.

"We are thrilled to be the official merchandiser for the Storm Youth Championships Bowling Events in 2024," said Cliff Barnes founder and owner of Coolwick. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to support and inspire the next generation of bowlers. We look forward to bringing our passion for innovation and style to this prestigious event."

The Storm Youth Championships were created in 2017 and launched with two events. The vision for the SYC began as a way to give back to the bowling community, educate youth bowlers, and invite the whole family to participate Since that first event, the SYC has welcomed thousands of youth athletes and their parents to celebrate the best parts of bowling. In addition, the SYC has given more than $769,000 in scholarship funds to youth athletes. For more information visit