Clara Juliana Guerrero


    Why do you love the sport bowling?

    "What I like the most about bowling is the fact that it is me against the lanes and that I am challenged every day. It is all about the person that can adapt, react, and perform the best in the constantly changing conditions that we bowl on.
    In addition, I have loved the sport since I was very young. Bowling has always been the sport of my family since my grandfather was one of the founders of the main bowling center in my hometown. Bowling is a huge part of who I am."

    What is one of your favorite memories on the lanes?

    "Winning the Team Gold medal at the 2019 World Championships in las Vegas. I have been very fortunate in my career to win many medals for my country, Colombia, but winning this gold medal as a team meant the most. It was a dream that we all shared and it finally became a reality."


    • Inducted into the World Bowling Writers Hall of fame in 2010
    • 7 Time World Champion
    • 3 PBA regional Titles
    • 1 PWBA Major title
    • Amateur bowler of the year in 2000
    • World Bowler of the year in 2009
    • One of the only three ladies in history to make a televised PBA final at the Cheetah World series of bowling 2013.

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