Step Up your game with the 3G Parts Case!
*Soles and heels are not included; sold separately.

This innovative case is the ultimate solution for bowlers who value organization and convenience. The 3G Parts Case features a smart layout designed to catalog and protect your interchangeable parts. It can accommodate up to 6 soles and 4 heels, or 4 soles and 8 heels, offering flexibility based on your needs. The combination of Velcro panels and strategically placed pockets on the front and back ensures that your parts stay securely in place, preventing any damage or loss during travel to the bowling center.

Despite its ample storage capacity, the 3G Parts Case remains compact. This portable, expertly designed case fits effortlessly in the same space as your bowling shoes, ensuring you can carry all your essentials without adding bulk. Sliding way too much? Step in water between frames? Move to a pair that’s tackier than the last? Say goodbye to fumbling through your bag for the right sole or heel. The 3G Parts Case is designed for easy access, allowing you to quickly find and swap out parts as needed.

Sku: 3GB11