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It sounds cliché, but when you attend a Storm Youth Championship (SYC), the future feels bright. I often think about what the first families who arrived in Reno, Nevada for the very first Storm Youth Championships in 2017 expected. Looking back on the names that appeared on that first roster, there were bowlers who had national tournament experience through Junior Gold but there were other bowlers who were attending their first national event ever. This is still true at every SYC event.

When we look back on photos from the SYC events that took place in 2017 and 2018, we see younger faces of players who went on to win SYC titles, compete in college bowling programs, and bowl on the PBA & PWBA Tour. We have also heard updates from parents about what their dedicated youth bowlers went on to do in their careers. There are just so many opportunities for youth athletes to learn and grow on and off the lanes.

In our questionnaire we encourage youth athletes to fill out before appearing on livestream, we ask the bowlers what they like to do off the lanes. It’s fun to read about the different hobbies and passions these bowlers like to share. Today, when we take those iconic medal photos, champion photos, or photos of groups of youth bowlers at seminars or at the Friday social activity, we like to imagine the exceptional things these youth athletes will do in the future.

On a normal SYC weekend, we see youth athletes learn to navigate the chaos of travel, trust what they have practiced, discover confidence within themselves, push through doubt, and reach new personal milestones. We watch them finish a block of bowling that they’re not happy with and ask for a practice lane at the front desk to keep working on what they struggled with. We watch them celebrate a win with the friends they’ve made along the way. Most of all, we’re lucky to watch them grow into young adults ready to take their next steps in life and cheer them on along the way.

Recently, our Tournaments and Events Manager, Leanne Hulsenberg, shared an update from one of the past SYC athletes, “The lessons I learned on the bowling lanes at SYC. I may never be on the PBA tour, but SYC gave me the foundation to be successful off the lanes by learning how to deal with failure, learning how to improve, and most importantly, learning how to make my spares. Thank you for running an incredible event and changing lives on and off the lanes!”

This statement is what the volunteers who work on the SYC believe to be true. We know some of the youth athletes will go on to compete at a high level but there will be many others who will go on to have a great career off the lanes. Our hope is they can learn from the three foundational principles of the SYC; competition, charitable giving, and comradeship and take them with them in life.

Since the first SYC in 2017, we have visited new cities each year, returned to some fan-favorite cities, met nearly 7,000 youth athletes and their families, and awarded $708,916 in scholarship funds. In 2024, our schedule will include nine events. We intentionally take the SYC events to new cities each year in a quest to bring national events closer to home for families.

Our SYC Team continues to strive to create events that include a welcoming environment where youth bowlers and their families are included in every activity. In addition to the tournament, each event includes optional activities that are available for bowlers who wish to participate in the popular activities. Honestly, what we’ve found is that the SYC builds connections for these families that can last a lifetime.

Those youth athletes who have earned SYC Titles in 2023 are:


  • U12 Mixed - Ezekiel Trejo
  • U15 Girls - Bella Love Castillo
  • U15 Boys - Jos Weems
  • U18 Girls - Karina Capron
  • U18 Boys - Kendric Siders



  • U12 Girls - Jayne Juhasz
  • U12 Boys - Miles Gordon
  • U15 Girls - Brianna Archabal
  • U15 Boys - Elliott Gordon
  • U18 Girls - Eliana Occhino
  • U18 Boys - Jacob Neubauer



  • U12 Girls - Taryn Murphy
  • U12 Boys - Miles Gordon
  • U15 Girls - Taylor Kretz
  • U15 Boys - William Cunningham III
  • U18 Girls - Melia Mitskavich
  • U18 Boys - Nate Trentler



  • U12 Boys- Miles Gordon
  • U12 Girls- Alivia Portillo
  • U15 Girls - Brianna Archabal
  • U15 Boys - Brady McDonough
  • U18 Girls - Kaitlyn Stull
  • U18 Boys - Griffin Jordan


2023 SYC INDY 300

  • U12 Girls - Lydia Gordon
  • U12 Boys - Miles Gordon
  • U15 Girls - Brianna Archabal
  • U15 Boys - Kai Strothers
  • U18 Girls - Gianna Brandolino
  • U18 Boys - Jacob Ballenger



  • U12 Girls - Alivia Portillo
  • U12 Boys - Treavor Mason
  • U15 Girls - Anna Antony
  • U15 Boys - Jos Weems
  • U18 Girls - Gianna Brandolino
  • U18 Boys - Landin Jordan



  • U12 Girls - Katie Silva
  • U12 Boys - Treavor Mason
  • U15 Girls - Bella Love Castillo
  • U15 Boys - Dohoon Kwon
  • U18 Girls - Katelyn Abigania
  • U18 Boys - Vaughn-Jayden Oliva



  • U12 Mixed - Treavor Mason
  • U15 Girls - Anna Antony
  • U15 Boys - Donaven Kline
  • U18 Girls - Kaitlyn Stull
  • U18 Boys - Christian Mouton



  • U12 Girls - Alyssa Randisi
  • U12 Boys - Treavor Mason
  • U15 Girls - Anna Antony
  • U15 Boys - Kai Strothers
  • U18 Girls - Melia Mitskavich
  • U18 Boys - Jacob Bockstie


The current record for SYC titles is held by Spencer Robarge and Jillian Martin at 12 SYC titles each. Robarge who now attends Wichita State University finished third at the 2021 USBC Masters. Jillian Martin notably became the youngest PWBA Champion at 17 years old, earning the 2021 PWBA BowlTV Classic title.

Junior Team USA member, Gianna Brandolino, age 16, is currently chasing the all-time SYC record. Brandolino earned her first SYC title at the first event she bowled in Smyrna in 2019.

Since 2022, she has bowled just 10 events and won 7 titles. In total, she has won 11 of 18 events.

We’re proud to partner with great companies to enhance the SYC experience at events including Storm, IAM Bowling, PBA Junior, Kegel, Turbo 2-n-1 Grips, 3G Shoes, Ballard’s Bowling Academy, T&D Transportation, Cloverleaf Family Bowl, Sea Bowl, Quality Respite and Home Care Inc., Master Industries, and Raze Eyewear. Scores are also uploaded live through the official scoring system of the SYC, BowlMetrix.

Champions being crowned is a highlight of each event, but perhaps the biggest champions are the non-profit organizations we partner with. The SYC is aligned with two charitable giving initiatives. A portion of every entry will be shared between Ballard vs the Big “C” (BVBC) and Make-A-Wish Utah.

We hope if you’ve never attended a SYC, that you and your youth bowler can discuss the possibility of attending one in 2024. Our team is passionate about bowling and dedicated to creating the best experience for every youth athlete and their family in attendance. Families who choose to spend the weekend at an SYC, have shared that they have found a place where their youth athletes can learn a lot and have some fun along the way.

Entries for the first event in 2024 which will take place in Texas will open in late December. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about the SYC, you can always email our team at syc@stormbowling.com.