The Nova has taken a leap further into space than any ball before. Its revolutionary core has been paired with an innovative combination of coverstock technology to maintain the striking power you’ve come to expect from a Premier Line ball. So, while maintaining the aesthetic that the Premier line is known for, we’ve also brought the performance up another level.

Fragrance: Cherry Apple Slush

Available: January 14th, 2022

Color: Hot Pink/Lime/Jet Black

Technical Specifications

  • 12 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 13 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 14 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 15 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 16 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration







Weight blocks like the Ignition Core rev up fast and finish strong with a more aggressive movement down lane. Need some extra oomph? Then look no further. The Ignition Core pumps out more than 6” of loaded flare potential! That’s more than enough differential to amp your adrenaline levels. Putting it in R2X means all that power can be harnessed with skilled precision. R2X fits seamlessly between the R2S™ and NRG™ formulas found on some of the most successful Storm balls in recent history. At an ideal 3000-grit finish, the perfect combination of length and strength can be achieved.


Slightly more aggressive than the famed R2S coverstock material, the R2X is right in the middle of Storm’s reactivity chart. It is the perfect balance of porosity and durably. It doesn’t grab too early, but doesn’t go too long either. Its versatility can benefit numerous bowlers of various styles.

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Nova Ball Reaction

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Product Reviews
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July 29, 2022
Control smooth predictable
Predictable control smooth
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Rick Mitchell
May 14, 2022
Nova by Roto Grip Rick
Storm Nova
Coverstock: RSX Hybrid
Block: Ignition Core
Factory Finish: 3000-grit
Tested Finish: 5000-grit
Layout: 65 x 3 ½ x 50
I picked the surface change due to the lane conditions and
Type of lane surface I bowl on.
The Storm Nova was a great addition to line up a few weeks ago, and I had a grip and pitch changes thanks to Staff Manager Mike Sinek to get use to before I drilled another Nova and drill up new stuff. (I don’t like plugging balls; I donate them right to the juniors in my area). I found with the Nova with box surface a little bit early in movement when coming off of the pattern than my other recent hybrid coverstock balls. So, I ran the gauntlet of grits from 360, 500, 800, 1000, 1500,2000,3000,4000 and 5000, and was able to speed up the ball in the front part of the pattern, which in turn saved additional energy, but still was enough of RA valve on the cover to make a strong recovery and not “skate” through the back part of the lane. The ball fits great between my Roto Grip GEM and Roto Grip Hyped Pearl. With the cover as it has been prepped reminds A LOT of the Roto Grip Idol Magenta. If you still looking for that great MID strength bowling ball for the upcoming tournaments and next season, look no farther than the Storm NOVA.
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April 27, 2022
best ball i have used
im 12 and now im averaging 215 with this ball
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JJ burlesontex
April 20, 2022
Good Roller
I got this ball two months ago and have bowled a 681 and last week shot my first 700 of the season. The ball Is very predictable an consistent an hits like a sledge hammer
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Drew Hanley
April 17, 2022
Great ball, lots of backend power
Just got back into bowling after a 8 year hiatus. Found my 16 yr old ball to have a crack in it so I figured its time to retire it. Went to my local pro shop to pick up a new ball and was looking at the Idol Helios, or Hyped Hybrid based on their reviews. When I got there I was informed that there was a back order on the Hyped hybrid and it would be over a week to get the Idol in 16lbs. I was ok with waiting since my league doesn’t start for a month. While chatting with the staff they asked about my revs and speed. I told them I threw a consistent 17-18 mph and a mid rev speed. He then directed me to the NOVA. Explaining that it would compliment my play style. As luck would have it he had a 16lb in stock. I had some hesitation based on the price tag but decided what the heck and went for it. After taking some measurements, my new NOVA was drilled and ready to go. Given that the bowling center was empty at the time I decided to give her a rip.

The first shot on my “normal” track proved to be a real eye opener. I’ve been throwing a pearl coverstock since I started throwing reactives and this ball being hybrid and not polished read much earlier. After some adjustments and finding a groove I was reaping the benefits. This ball hits HARD, and drives through the pins. I was finding myself making some errant throws and this ball forgave me when it just tore through the pins sending them flying whether I was hitting high or light. Bowled 3 games with the latter 2 being 258 and 214. I love this ball and look forward to league play this summer
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April 8, 2022
First ball out of the bag
I was excited for this release and it did not disappoint. Picks up nicely in the mid lane but hits plenty hard. I love the strong hybrid covers and this definitely qualifies. If I can start with it, I will
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Mike Craig - Storm Products Amateur Staff
March 26, 2022
Nova ball review by Mike Craig
I drilled my NOVA up with a 60 x 4.5 x 30 layout. This put the PSA just slightly in my thumb. I have thrown it at box finish and also hit it with a 2000 pad for a longer pattern to try on.

I like the motion this NOVA offers. I was able to keep it slightly tighter with smaller angles on a slick 46 foot pattern and the ball hits well. I was also able to start and open my angles up with it and still get recovery so a duller hybrid that doesn't quit in the back.

I threw it side by side with some other balls that I like on longer/higher volume patterns like the TREND 2, the new GEM, and the INCITE. Where the TREND 2 was a better ball down option, the NOVA stretched the pattern a little longer for me before I put the TREND 2 in play. The GEM was a much earlier move and the NOVA became the better ball down option off the GEM. The INCITE even though a hybrid cover was much slower at the spot compared to the NOVA. The INCITE would be a better option if the volume was higher but the pattern a little shorter where the NOVA might take too much angle to get to the pocket. Possibly polishing the NOVA lightly would make this a good ball down option using this strategy of INCITE to start with.

Pick this one up if you want a ball that is versatile and can compliment both your big hitters and your stronger mediums with cover changes.
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March 12, 2022
Great reaction
Lots of back end in oil. Controllable
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Glenn Wendel
February 27, 2022
Nova Review
Storm Nova Ball Specs:

Cover stock R2X Hybrid Reactive
Ignition Core (Asymmetrical)
Finish 3000 Sanded

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at cameras 15.5

The new Storm Nova is a very strong sanded hybrid. I first compared it to my Incite and it was much stronger especially down lane. I then compared it to my Zen Master and it is similar but stronger overall. After testing this ball on a few patterns I feel it is best when you can start it in the oil and get to the friction further down the lane. When I got the ball to the dry too quick it used too much energy early and did not react on the back as much as I would have liked. In the oil it is a very good predictable strong ball. This ball at box surface fits between my Zen Master and Gem. This ball has been selling well and was a hit at our last ball demo. I took my second Nova and polished it up. It is beautiful but really cuts down on the hook. If you have a higher rev rate or low speed the polished finish should work well, if you are lower rev or roll fast I would leave it sanded. Surface changes are great because they can drastically change motion and if you don’t like a change you can put it back to box. No harm no foul. If you are looking for a nice strong predicable ball that hits hard the Nova would be a very good choice.

The Storm Nova is a strong rolling ball.
The Ball reads oilier patterns very well.
The Nova hits hard and drives nicely through the pins.

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Storm Pro Shop Staff

Video link:
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Dan Akers
February 22, 2022
Storm Nova
In February 16th 2022.
Drilled the new Storm Nova at 4.5x4.5x2.5
All I can say is just wow it reminds me of the storm LOCK at the same layout.
Went 231 300 211.
Yes 300 out of box that night on a modified 43ft Stone street pattern. Storm did a fantastic job of creating this gem. Shelf appealing smells great and should be in everyone's bag.

Thanks Storm for making such great balls and keep up the good work.

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February 19, 2022
Clean Sweep
Bowled 228,247,269, 744 set great Ball back to back weeks with 10 bagger then 9 bagger
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Brett Wood
February 7, 2022
First series out of box was 715. I am super pleased! I really don’t know exactly how to explain this ball other than it seems to be one of those balls that you can just trust. You throw it and know what it is going to do. Consistent reaction. It gains some traction in oil and doesnt over react on dry. Its just butter. Excited to see what it does with some more games on it and on tougher tournament conditions.
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Wayne carter
February 2, 2022
First perfect game
Awesome ball. I have been bowling for years and when I got the front 8 I felt very comfortable the ball would keep finishing and rolled my first 300 ever. In Bigfork montana tournament.
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January 26, 2022
I decided to refresh my Arsenal and my ProShop recommended this ball. I used it right out of the box for my Monday night league shot 242, 191,193. I average a 177. It went longer than my other balls from the past and finished well. It was also nice while on the approach taking my deep breaths before rolling to smell the cherry apple slush.
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Andrew Bleakley
January 17, 2022
This ball is out of this world
I just had this drilled up and man I’m not disappointed at all this thing is a beast of a ball. Don’t under estimate the versatility of this ball. This ball will be a staple in my bag for sure. 234,227,258 for my first games with it
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Kris Aumiller
January 11, 2022
One of the Contest Winners
Being one of the contest winners, I got to have the ball a week early (Sunday afternoon 1/9/2022). Got it drilled Monday afternoon and ready for my Monday night league. For a league that I have 193 average, I threw a 221/199/269.

Ball is fantastic and did everything I want/needed. Can't wait for more league nights!
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January 10, 2022
Hey everyone, this is Storm staff member Josh Shoemaker here again with another ball review for the brand-new Nova. As always, I would like to thank Storm for providing the equipment I use every time I step out onto the lanes and I Am Bowling for making sure I always look good no matter what! Today I will be bowling on a standard medium to higher volume house shot in a new center. This will most likely be where a majority of my videos will be recorded from now on due to myself bowling league here now. This lane had a ton of friction from leagues and open bowling but I decided to roll with it anyways. This will give everyone a good look of how the ball rolls on less than ideal conditions. The Nova features the ignition core which has an RG of 2.49, differential of 0.052 and intermediate split of 0.019 in 15 lbs. The ignition core is wrapped in R2X which is designed to fit right in between R2S and NRG. This is the first bigger cover and core asym I’ve drilled pin up since the Honey Badger Intensity. I wanted an option similar to my RST but more forward off the end of the pattern. Luckily, I guessed correctly and that’s exactly what I see out of this ball. I had a chance to throw it on a fresh league condition after filming this video and I was able to stand a zone farther right the first two games compared to where I normally play. Compared to the RST, the Nova is more forward off the end of the pattern and a touch cleaner overall. Compared to the Proton PhysiX, the Nova is a pretty substantial step down in terms of overall friction created and would be a great 2 ball off of the Proton. The Nova is available for pre order from any Storm VIP Pro shop for the January 14th release!

Review Video:
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Emmanuel Abdel
December 29, 2021
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Dave phillips
December 28, 2021
Looks like a go to ball in my opinion bowl on !!have fun
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Timothy Wethington
December 22, 2021
Love the ball
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