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Bowling News USA - August 27, 2014 Ball Review: P|tch Black - 'should be in every serious bowler’s arsenal'





Non-resin urethane balls should be in every serious bowler’s arsenal for use on extremely short and/or low volume patterns.

I started bowling at a high level starting in the late 1970s, years before the first urethanes debuted, so I had years of experience with rubber (LT-48), polyester and urethane.

Even after resin debuted more than two decades ago, I still used urethanes like the Ebonite NITRO, Columbia WINE U-DOT and Faball BLUE HAMMER on a regular basis.

It wasn’t until I became a Storm staffer and started throwing Storm balls exclusively that I retired my urethanes for good.

There were times over the next decade or so that I really wished I could pull my BLUE HAMMER out of the basement, such as when bowling on the PBA Cheetah pattern, as Storm didn’t have a urethane like that.

Then Storm came out with the NATURAL urethane ball, which I used almost exclusively in making it to the semifinals of a PBA Regional on Cheetah not long after it came out....[full ball review]




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August, 2014