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Bowling News USA - August 26, 2014 PBA NEWS: PBA moving administrative headquarters to Chicago

Bill Vint | PBA Media Relations 

SEATTLE, Washington – Effective September 2, the Professional Bowlers Association will enter into a shared services agreement with Luby Publishing, publisher of Bowlers Journal International and other periodicals, and move its operational headquarters to Luby’s home in Chicago, Commissioner Tom Clark announced today.

The move, Clark said, is designed to improve the organization’s operational efficiencies, taking advantage of Luby Publishing’s expertise in membership services. The PBA will sub-lease space in the Luby Publishing offices and use Luby’s staff for many of the PBA’s day-to-day operational needs. The PBA will retain its IT staff and services in Seattle.

“The PBA has been a pioneer in the virtual office arena ever since it moved its administrative office from Akron, Ohio, to Seattle in 2000,” Clark said. “The organization has successfully functioned with key staff members living in areas across the United States ever since. We anticipate there will be no major change in the way we do business other than having a new mailing address.”

Putting the PBA and Luby Publishing together in the same office space unites two of the oldest business entities in the sport. Luby began publishing Bowlers Journal magazine in 1913; the PBA has provided competitive opportunities for the best bowlers in world and mass-media coverage for the sport since 1958.

"We are happy to assist the PBA by sharing our office, as well as in sharing some of the operational duties to the benefit of both companies," said Keith Hamilton, president of Luby Publishing. “The processing of the PBA memberships is nearly the same as the processing of circulation for LPI's magazines.”

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