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Bowling News USA - August 20, 2014 The 11th Frame: Commissioner Tom Clark expects PBA deal with Bowlmor AMF


 “It does look like they are going to do some  sponsorship or advertising with the PBA, which I  hope let’s people know they do care about 'real'  bowling,” Clark said of Bowlmor AMF in a recent

PBA Commissioner Tom Clark • Photo | PBA Tour

interview.  “It hasn’t happened yet, but we’re really deep in talks and at this point it would be shocking to me if we didn’t work something out together, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

The deal is likely to be a combination of having events and having Bowlmor AMF as a sponsor of PBA, Clark said, adding that the sides continue to have open dialogue about ways to partner, including meetings in New York City.

AMF hasn’t put any money toward the PBA for years, he said.  Clark said he has been talking with Bowlmor since they bought AMF, which at one point had a former Disney executive at its chief marketing officer.

“I even had the owners of the PBA meet with him and we were talking about a sweeping title sponsorship of the PBA and redefining the way TV would show bowling,” Clark said.

Bowlmor AMF turned down that proposal but wanted to talk about a sponsorship that was a little smaller, Clark said, before the former Disney executive left the company, setting things back....[read more]

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