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Bowling News USA - August 17, 2014 Open: Greg Thomas conquers demanding condition to lead qualifying; Storm's Carbonetto leads women qualifying


Greg Thomas handily led qualifying in the Open Saturday at Cherry Lanes in Dubuque, Iowa.

Thomas totaled 1,406 for six games as the tournament sponsored by Coors Light, Storm, Cherry Lanes, the Diamond Jo Casino and the Greater Iowa Bowling Association drew 128 entries.

Thomas excels on demanding lane conditions so it was no surprise to see him on top, even though his game doesn't feature the power and speed the condition seemed to favor.

Jason Wojnar was second with 1,365 and Tom Hess third with 1,363.

The cut to the top 43 for Sunday took just 1,222 on the demanding lane condition designed by Cherry Lanes manager Bob Hochrein.

The new Brunswick Defy oil was used and it seemed to add to the challenge as the lanes didn't blow open as typically happens. For more on the Defy Oil, go to the closing portion of this blog.

Note that re-entries were allowed so the lowest scores by Shannon Buchan and Jason Pole did not count.

Greater Iowa Bowling Association operator Joe Engelkes donated more than half of the bracket proceeds back to the tournament to fund three senior checks and two women's checks at $150 each. The senior cashers (besides Brockland) were Brett Lobdell, Gary Clark Sr. and Gordy Kilpatrick, and the other women's check was  Amanda Greene.

Sunday’s format has pins carrying over from Saturday and all bowlers bowling 12 games across 24 lanes. In each game, bonus pins will be awarded from 1 to 43 with the high score getting 43, the second highest score getting 42 and so on down to 1 for the lowest score.

After those 12 games, the top four players advance to a stepladder finals. The lanes will be re-oiled for the stepladder.

All of Sunday’s competition will be webcast by  Go here to watch.

More details on the tournament are in my preview story here.

I bowled terrible on Saturday,  totaling just 1,104 in my qualifying. After two weeks of two PBA50 Tour stops, the Petersen Classic, the State Hall of Fame committee meeting, and the Madison Bowling Association Hall of Fame induction dinner, I was running on fumes and that was no match for the demanding condition.

In addition, I think I played the lanes wrong as I simply didn’t have the speed and power to get inside, get the ball down the lane to the right and get it to recover as the condition favored, but never did what seemed best for a tweener Raisin like myself – going out to the edge and playing straight up with a stable ball.

I tried that method of attack with a VLS Roto Grip ASYLUM at the end of my last game of qualifying and hit the pocket five straight shots, four of which struck.

That after I had spent the day splitting, whiffing and hacking my way through 5 ½ games, with the only moderate success I found coming on a straight up the track shot with a Storm OPTIMUS. The minute that stopped getting to the pocket because it was hooking too much and I moved left, I had air.

I considered re-entering and playing out but an aching left quad muscle from two weeks of tacky approaches made me decline that option.

Still, it was a very enjoyable qualifying round, as I got to bowl with two of the country’s great young talents: Matt Gasn and Carbonetto. It was my first chance to see the couple bowl in person and they did not disappoint.

Gasn was smooth and powerful as he got deep and boomed his way to 1,321 to lead A squad and be sixth overall, while Carbonetto for sure had the fewest opens in the field as she lived in the pocket but just couldn’t carry en route to her 1,216 that featured four clean games to finish.

Thanks to all who bowled!

We hope to have the dates for next year announced soon, with the possibility of moving into the bowling season to the last weekend of September. 

To see full qualifying results go to:  11frame.comopenresults

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