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Bowling News USA - August 15, 2014 IAB: The Art of Bowling Tattoos and Their Stories


Randy Baker: Storm Nation!

Tim Kelly: One of my best friends died and when it would storm everyone
would say that was him bowling so my tattoo is him bowling in a thunder storm.

Ariana Deming: I absolutely love bowling, and I live with Multiple Sclerosis.
So I got a tattoo that says Strike Out MS, because one day, I will say, I had MS!

Tristan Curtis: My tattoo represents both my love for bowling and my l
ove for science (specifically chemistry). I am in the process of going to
school to become a pharmacist. I spelled out bowling in the periodic
elements and replaced the 'i' in lithium with a bowling pin and since
there is no 'g' element, I used Ga and replaced the 'a' with a bowling ball.

Adam Hultman: After 12 years of active bowling, I thought I had
to make a tattoo for it! I also studied to become a teacher in Latin and Spanish,
and therefore I added: "Dum spiro, provolvo." That is is originally
taken from Cicero who said: "Dum spiro, spero" - "While I breathe, I hope".
Since there are no word for bowling in Latin, I chose "provolvo" which means
"I roll forward". While I breath, I roll forward!

Terry Graf: Back 2006 I decided I wanted a tattoo that had some
meaning behind it, so I decided bowling, a huge passion of mine,
would a good idea for a tattoo. I designed this tattoo, a bowling ball
getting a strike at the end of a bowling lane leaving flames where the
ball tracked. I was supposed to get this ink before a tourney, but the
artist had to size it to fit my forearm. Good thing I got it after because
my forearm hurt badly after the tattoo. Good news I won Singles, Doubles, and All Events!

Richard Dewhurst: Ever since I was a little kid I love Taz and bowling.
It's my one and only tattoo so what better way to signify your love for a character and the game!


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August, 2014