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Bowling News USA - August 11, 2014 10 Things That Really Matter In Bowling!


1. IT’S FUN. Remember BIF? The green alien-like guy from your YABA days? Remember how BIF stood for Bowling Is Fun? It’s the reason we all started this great sport. Never let anything or anyone suck the fun out of it.

2. PRO BOWLING. Kids need role models. They need something to aspire to be. That’s the reason anyone stays involved and committed in anything. They believe they can get there. On the biggest stage in bowling. The PBA Tour. We need the PBAfor this reason. Among many others.

3. YOUTH BOWLING. Hard to imagine that the kids of today are our future industry leaders. They are the reason bowling will survive. And, thrive. Take care of them, so that they take care of our sport. Find out more about youth bowling here.

4. HISTORY. We believe that every single center across the United States WORLD should have bowling on at all times. On their monitors, TVs, in their bars. Every bar in every bowling center should be a shrine of those decorated keglers that came before us. We can’t forget. Don’t let bowling’s rich history slip away.

5. FUTURE. The past is important. But, it’s over. What isn’t over is the future. What is coming? How are we getting there? What do we need to do NOW to make it happen?

6. UNITED INDUSTRY. That’s right. Together. Every single entity in bowling wants the same thing. For bowling to be successful. If bowling is successful, then everyone wins. The ONLY way we can get there is by joining forces. Putting our egos aside. And, holding hands. Just like we did going out for recess. Let’s play. Together.

7. COLLEGE. Is expensive. But, why not use your passion to get you there? Your parents sacrificed a lot for you. Now it’s time to pay it forward. Youth bowlers can do that now by entering scholarship tournaments, and accumulating scholarship dollars as young as 3 years old. It’s not too early to start. Ask your parents. Interested in bowling in college? Check out this link.

8. LESSONS. It doesn’t matter if you are a league bowler, competitive scratch bowler, or a professional bowler. Bowling has taught you a lot. In fact, probably so much that you could write a book. A lot of it has nothing to do with bowling itself. But, it’s the lessons you’ve learned along the way. The winning. The losing. The getting along with teammates that couldn’t be more polar opposites. Bowling is like our teacher. Of life.

9. CONNECTING. From Chile to Iceland. Bowling connects people. It’s the gel that forms together to create a common bond of bowlingships. That’s right. We just made that word up. Feel free to use it.

10. POSSIBILITIES. Who knows what the future will bring to the world of bowling. Perhaps we can hope for a women’s tour in the future, or for bowling to be as respected as it was during the days it was featured on ABC. We need to all continue to send positive vibes into the bowling universe.












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August, 2014