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Bowling News USA - August 8, 2014 You Know You’re A Bowler When . . .



Each year, about 70 million people go bowling...

Bowling is fun for competitors of all ages and skill levels. It’s something families can do together. It’s a great way for children to make friends or birthday memories. Bowling can mean an occasional Saturday night out for some or a lifelong passion for others.

Often, what starts as a night out or family outing BECOMES a lifelong passion, and there’s a transition from one who goes bowling, to one who is a bowler.

There are things only bowlers would understand. Below, are 10 of our favorite IAB bowlerisms (yes, we just made that word up).

Stay tuned for more.

You know you’re a bowler when….

(In no particular order):

  1. One thumb is so much bigger than the other that strangers occasionally notice and make a face
  2. You’ve had to explain to a TSA agent the difference between a weight block and an explosive device
  3. Your vacation luggage includes bowling balls and a name shirt, rather than flip flops and a bathing suit
  4. You’ve ever stuck your thumb in a potato on purpose
  5. You didn’t get to watch cartoons while growing up because Saturday mornings were for youth leagues and Saturday afternoons were for watching the PBA Tour on ABC
  6. You know a teal Rhino isn’t a real animal
  7. Your trunk smells like a fruit basket or candy store
  8. You unconsciously don’t eat with your bowling hand – ever.
  9. You’ve asked the waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings to change the channel from NCAA basketball to the USBC Masters
  10. You’ve ever bought socks out of a vending machine

Do any of these sound familiar? Do they remind you of anyone? A few made you smile, didn’t they? It’s because they really are true, and you didn’t even realize it!


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