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Bowling News USA - April 10, 2013 PDW - G.O.A.T. by Donnie Layman

This debate is one that the fans of any sport continue to have ad nauseam. Ironically, the argument comes up as one of the greats adds another trophy or accomplishment to their storied careers. As you know, Pete Weber won his 2nd ever TOC when he defeated Jason Belmonte to win this year's Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions. As I watched the telecast and how the TV pair was breaking down, I honestly couldn't see anyone having a better chance to win than Belmo. Call me crazy, but any telecast with both Belmo and Osku on it is going to end up being a contest of who can strike from the furthest point left on the lane. When reigning PBA Player of the Year Sean Rash seemed to be running out of room to the left in the semifinal match against Belmo, it seemed as if PDW would've been doomed to suffer the same outcome. 

But come on, we are talking about PDW bowling for a major title. And after watching him dismantle Belmo, it only further cemented in my mind that he is beyond a shadow of a doubt the Greatest Of All Time. 

One could make the same arguments for the late Earl Anthony, Walter Ray Williams Jr. and a handful of other great bowlers through the years. And while the two men I just mentioned may possess more accomplishments on their resumes, none of them have overcome what PDW has. He has had to battle things in his personal life that have destroyed the lives of many athletes. Yet he has persevered. He also had a father who not only could hold his own in this debate, but was also the greatest ambassador our sport has ever had in Dick Weber. No player in the history of our sport, or many others, has had a greater shadow to overcome to establish their own legacy to rival or exceed what the other has accomplished. Pete Weber has done this. He sits tied for 3rd most victories in tour history, tied for most major victories, and has the most regional titles in PBA history. No name is more synonymous with greatness in bowling than the Weber name. 

Forget the fact that he has never won a Player of the Year award. In all reality there are many years the voters kept him from having that honor. When its all said and done he will have the best title of all...and that's the greatest bowler ever.


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April, 2013