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Bowling News USA - March 11, 2013 Attention Coaches!

Did you know a great new feature on is the Storm Coaches Page?

Bowling coaches are encouraged to fill out the coaches form and become listed on the page.

"Storm knows the importance of coaching in our sport," said Storm Technical Director Steve Kloempken at a recent press conference. "When educating our consumers, pro shop operators, or coaches, Storm is giving back to this great industry. Knowledge breeds commitment and commitment means our sport will endure and prosper."

"We are excited to start helping coaching reach more bowlers who are looking for assistance to improve their bowling game," said Storm Marketing Director Roger Noordhoek. " is more than just a website featuring Storm's product line. There is plenty of rich content for everyone including: The MatchMaker™, Athletes, Videos, Pro Shop finder, up-to-date news from the bowling industry, Storm functions and events, and much, much more."


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March, 2013