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Bowling News USA - January 15, 2013 PBA in Detroit...Lane Patterns Honor Legends, New Formats

(Mark Roth, Don Carter, Carmen Salvino, Earl Anthony)

January brings the PBA Winter Swing.  A similar format to the World Series of bowling, this event will include five different championships all held at Thunder Bowl Lanes in Allen Park, MI from January 19-25.  

Four “open” singles tournaments will be contested honoring some of the greatest PBA Stars of all-time: Carmen Salvino, Mark Roth, Don Carter and the Earl Anthony.  

Anyone can try and qualify by simply paying their entry fee and rolling in an eight-game qualifier. The top 10 bowlers will bowl in all four events.

Each of these tournaments will be played on its own unique oil pattern named after that particular PBA legend.

The Carmen Salvino pattern is 40 feet long with a crowned shape and gradual tapered decline.

The Mark Roth pattern is designed around today’s ball technology using higher oil volumes to accommodate the higher rev rates of the modern era.  

The Don Carter pattern is specifically designed to simulate lane play in his era, while using modern equipment.  

The Earl Anthony pattern is 40 feet long; the oil widens, as opposed to narrows, down the lane. This forces players to make premium, unique and precision shots from a variety of angles.

Each event includes eight games of qualifying, with each total rolling over into the next tournament. The eight games from the Carmen Salvino Classic will roll over into the Mark Roth Classic. Those 16 will roll into the Don Carter Classic. Then all 24 carry over to the Earl Anthony Classic.

The top 16 qualifiers will advance to match play, and then the top two will face off in the TV Finals.

The fifth tournament is the newly created PBA Team League. Qualifying scores from all four events will help determine team seeds.


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