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Bowling News USA - January 4, 2013 Eoff Rolls with IQ™ Tour Pearl...Most Popular Ball on Planet Earth...

Storm staffer Derek Eoff fired a perfect game on the Team USA Montreal Sport pattern, Tom Bridges and Leroy Smith also reached perfection, Cher Breunig blasted a 726 series and Ryan Anderson an 801 to highlight a big-scoring Thursday of Madison area bowling.

Eoff’s 300 came in a 757 series in the Ten Pin Alley Bullseye Masters League. It was Eoff’s league-leading fifth 700 of the season, and he also leads in average (225.14 coming into Thursday). He used a high-pin Storm IQ TOUR PEARL in the 300, with the key shot being a messenger that annihilated a 6-10 left on a light pocket hit in the 7th frame.

The perfect game won’t count as an official Sport Bowling 300 because the Bullseye Masters hasn’t been able to certify the league for the last two seasons due to Ten Pin Alley not having staff to tape the lanes before each session.

Lefties Eric Pederson and Mike Hoffman continued their assault on the Montreal pattern. Pederson, second in average going into the night at 216.92, rolled a 712 for his third 700 of the season, while Hoffman, third at 206.83, recorded a 709 for his fourth 700. Using a new Storm MODERN MARVEL, righty Brent Ritchie rolled a 709 for his second 700 of the season.

For those of you competing in Storm’s GuessTheScore contest, I thought I was on my way to a 700 before my carry disappeared and I settled for 639.

I started with a strong-drilled Storm 2FURIOUS roughed with the 1,500 pad Turbo Sandbagger system playing very direct crossing about 5-board at the arrows and after starting with a 4-bagger and a chopped spare, I followed my plan (with advice from doubles partner Steve Richter) to go to my 1,000 Abralon strong NANO trying to somewhat slow-hook it crossing just inside second arrow. That got me to a 235 the first game and a solid start of the second game before the 41-foot, high volume (27.55 mL) pattern began to get very wet-dry and my reaction deteoriated.

In the third game, I went to a high-pin box shiny REIGN and moved in to around crossing 15-board at the arrows trying to ride the oil line. I started with three strikes on lane 10 but two 10-pins and a bucket on lane 9 kept me from getting anything going. And after never doubling, I went high and split in the 10th frame for a disappointing 180 finish and 639.

I think the plan was correct, I just need a different shiny/smooth ball for the third game. The REIGN doesn’t squirt as much for me in oil as most shiny spheres so I thought it might work, and it did get to the pocket. Perhaps my IQ TOUR PEARL will provide the carry. Also, next week will be the last week where I will not be able to use my new SYNC so I hopefully will have a strong finish to the round starting Jan. 17.

Montreal has proven how difficult a very high-volume pattern can be if you don’t have the power (like Eoff and Ritchie) to overcome the wet/dry transition.

(courtesy: 11th Frame - Jeff Richgels)

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January, 2013