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Bowling News USA - July 25, 2012 Tony Guarino - A Part Of Storm Forever!


There are few times in life that you meet someone that can change your outlook on life.  This moment happened for many employees of Storm Bowling Products, Inc. on Friday, July 13, 2012.  What began as a normal Friday in the office, preparing for the company’s annual summer party that evening, turned in to a day that many of us will not forget.


The story started back in October of 2011, Storm’s Technical/Customer Services Manager, Mike Sargent, received one of the most unusual calls in his time at Storm.  Stacey Guarino, wife of Anthony Guarino, was inquiring about making a bowling ball Urn.  As the conversation progressed, Stacey informed Mike that her husband was diagnosed with incurable cancer on June 6, 2008 and after battling the cancer for 2 years, they had started to plan the inevitable.  Tony’s wish was to be cremated and have his ashes placed in a custom made Storm bowling ball.  With the permission of the president of Storm, Dave Symes, Sargent went to work with the production team to create a custom made urn out of a Storm X-Factor Ace, which is the ball that Tony fired his only 300 with. 


It turns out Tony has a passion for bowling, and for Storm, that is second to none.  Along with the 300 Tony has a 298 to his credit and his high series was a 767.  Tony has many bowling trophies that are proudly displayed in his “man cave.”   He also boasts a bowling ball light switch, a hand carved glass light with the term “GUTRBAL”, a bowling ball, and pins that lights up when plugged in. 


He never misses a bowling event on TV thanks to his DVR service.  Stacey now knows the names of the pro bowlers thanks to her husband’s love for bowling, something she never thought would happen.  On top of the bowling shrine in the basement, the Guarino’s have a name placard on the front of their house that is made of wood with their last name followed by a carved out bowling ball and pins.  The license plate on Tony’s car reads “GUTRBAL”, and their dog’s name is Stryker B (which stands for ball.) They are proud to say that they are the only house in their neighborhood with a ball rack like the bowling center’s all have. 


As you can tell, Tony has a deep love for bowling.  But this story goes way beyond the sport of bowling.


With the help of the Dream Foundation, an organization that helps make dreams come true for adults who face life-threatening illness, the Guarino’s were able to board a plane and make the journey to Utah to spend the day at Storm, which was Tony’s last wish.   The Guarino’s spent the morning getting to know the staff at Storm and learning how bowling balls are made. He told many stories of his bowling experiences and the laughter could be heard down the halls. 

Tony Guarino With His Storm Family

That evening, the Guarino’s were invited to attend the annual Storm summer party.  They spent time meeting the families of all of the Storm employees.  As the party began to wind down, they were given the opportunity to speak to everyone in attendance.  As they spoke of their experience, not a dry eye in the crowd could be found.  “Thank you for making this dream come true,” commented Tony. 


“Don’t forget to tell your spouse that you love them,” said Stacey. “Most people in our situation, with him becoming sick so soon after our wedding, would probably not make it.  But, we say I love you every day.  In our vows, we agreed to cherish, through sickness and heath, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer.  The way I see it, we’ve covered the sickness, the worse, and the poorer, we have nowhere to go but up!” she added.


Storm would like to take this time to thank Tony for being an amazing Storm fan and for giving everyone at Storm the opportunity to meet such an amazing person.  We would also like to thank Stacey for being so dedicated to making this happen for her husband and showing what true unconditional love really is.


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