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Storm Nation - August 10, 2014 The King of Glen Burnie and his Storm Zero Gravity

The King of Glen Burnie and his Zero Gravity

Name: Storm Staff

Storm Product: Storm Zero Gravity

Accomplishment: Friday Night Smackdown went down and 70 guys and gals showed up to battle for the title. After the four games of qualifying, the final 5 for determined and Ko Whittington aka "The King of Glen Burnie" quaified second. The matchplay matches were close and except the final match where Ko went off with his Zero Gravity™ to the tune of 290! TV Finals results Match 1: Brandon Blue 229 def. Vic Dawson 221 Match 2: Marcus Bell 225 def. Blue 222 Match 3: Ko Whittington 224 def. Bell 208 Championship: Ko 290 def. Gary Paul 215 Qualifying standings: 1. Gary Paul 2. Ko 3. Marcus Bell 4. Brandon Blue 5. Vic Dawson 6. 956 Fero Williams 7. 950 Oliver Collins 8. 940 Shane Bertazon 9. 933 Jay Alston 10. 932 Thomas Scott 11. 923 Tommie Burrell 70 Entries Overall average: 207.3 Over $4,000 paid out Honor Roll: 300 William Green (Storm Punch Out) 299 Oliver Collins Jr. "OC" (Storm !Q) 297 Fero Williams (Storm !Q Tour Fusion) 290 Gary Paul 290 Ko Whittington (Storm Zero Gravity)

Pro Shop/Driller: Stepp's Pro Shop / Ko Whittington

Bowling Center: Bowl America (Glen Burnie)

"Stepp's Pro Shop and 40 Boards & A Ball (Storm sponsored) team up to run the USBC certified tournament."

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