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Storm Nation - February 11, 2014 Jon James Shoots 819 with IQ Tour Fusion/Hy-Road Pearl

Jon James 819 IQ Tour Fusion/Hyroad Pearl

Name: Jonathan James

Storm Product: IQ Tour Fusion

Accomplishment: Lake-Geauga Tournament 1/26/14 - Hy-Road Pearl -  300-237-190-727 - 2/9/2014 - IQ Tour Fusion 300-243-276-819. 

Pro Shop/Driller: King Of String - Paul Ashby

Bowling Center: Game Of Mentor

"My highest series to date! IQ hasnt even been out for a week yet! If you don't already have this ball, I highly recommend! Smooth through the heads and left turn smash on the backends!"

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February, 2014