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Storm Nation - May 31, 2013 Nano Pearl Pays Off in Bowling Playoff's!

Nano Pearl Pays Off in Bowling Playoff's!

Name: Rafael Robles Sr

Storm Product: Virtual Gravity Nano™ Pearl

Accomplishment: I bowled a 300 on the night of April 26th, 2013 which was the final night of our playoffs. At the same time, the team we were going up against their anchor bowler who shot the a 300 on game 1 (James Skinner III) I had no choice but to proceed with my 10th frame down by 14 pins I went and threw a perfect 300 as well to win the 1st game by 46 pins. My 2nd game was a 234 & James was 244. We had just tied the game but still ahead by 46 pins. On the last game James needed 2 strikes on the 10th frame, while I left a split on the 10th frame. Needless to say he left a 4-7 pin and picked it up with a spare. We as a team barely won the playoffs by 3 pins 2868 to 2865 on a 4 man team. Purpose of this story is I never bowled an actual 300 on a regular league but have bowled a few 300's on tournament (1-Sanctioned & 6-Non Sanctioned). My bucket list is finally been crossed out.

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowlers Choice

Bowling Center: Delton Lanes

"Never give up. For every 50 to 100 games bowled, you'll either have 1 perfect game or 10 great series."

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