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Storm Nation - May 11, 2016 Take the HY-ROAD to Victory!

Take the HY-ROAD to Victory!

Name: Mabel Cummins

Storm Product: HY-ROAD

Accomplishment: Mabel Cummins recently used a STORM HY-ROAD to win her division in the Illinois USBC “Pepsi” Youth Championship. The 14-year old high school freshman posted a 17-game pin-fall of 3491 to finish first among all 15-under girls in the statewide tournament at Northgate Lanes in Galesburg, Illinois. Mabel led the field of 62 bowlers into the finals on Sunday afternoon and lost only one game in match play. Despite challenging conditions on wood lanes over three squads of bowling, she finished strong with a solid 246 in the last game to retain the top position. This is the third consecutive year she has won a state title in the USBC’s nationwide series for young bowlers. Mabel has been using Storm equipment since age 7 and currently has an arsenal of 17 STORM and ROTO GRIP balls.

Pro Shop/Driller: Mike Sopper

Bowling Center: Funway

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