The Infinite PhysiX is destined to get the bowling world’s attention. When you craft vivacity with the same detail you craft performance, you create the Storm Premier Line. They’re more than mere bowling balls. They deliver motion with style. Entry angle with carry. We wouldn’t let it leave our proving grounds if it were any other way. Born from a place of refinement and obsessively honed on the lanes, they come from somewhere else – so they feel like nothing else.


Think you can figure out what the mystery scent is? Take atrip to your local Storm VIP Pro Shop to see if you can identify the new scent  in the Infinite PhysiX. Submit your best guess HERE for a chance to win!

Release Date: July 8, 2022

Fragrance: Mystery Scent

Color: Sapphire/Deep Purple/Onyx

Technical Specifications

  • 12 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 13 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 14 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 15 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 16 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






It doesn't get more iconic than this

The sculpted Oval Bolt in the center of the Atomic Core only heightens its performance character. This extremely center-heavy shape drives the RG low (2.48 in 15lb) and gets the ball moving in a dangerous way. The bowler doesn’t have to use as much energy at release because the Atomic Core is less resistant to changing direction versus a design that has a high RG. Add in a generous amount of differential, and the Infinite PhysiX further sets itself apart from other asymmetric concepts. Don’t thank us, thank science.


The Infinite PhysiX pushes the limits of performance, tech, and design. ReX adjusts the response time to friction that’s not as quick as R2S™ and not quite as slow as NeX™. What’s realized is a cover that fits a far-reaching diversity of forms, approaches, and styles. The bowler’s feel becomes heightened as they’re more connected to a ball that responds to their release with absolute fidelity. This helps optimize traction and control in a variety of playing conditions.

Ball Reaction Section

Infinite PhysiX Reaction

Thank you Science

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Infinite PhysiX
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Infinite PhysiX
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Infinite PhysiX
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Mike Craig
October 19, 2022
Infinite Physix review by Mike Craig
I drilled up 2 of these one pin up at about 65 x 4.5 x 30 and the other pin down at 50 x 4.5 x 70. I have thrown both at box finish to see the differences. The pin under is slower and is more like a hook and set reaction. The pin up has became a go to ball for me on medium to medium/heavy conditions and longer patterns. The Infinite has a good solid backend motion for me on those patterns and I may drill a third one with a much higher pin buffer to see if it will finish strong when I have to move inside deep.
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Andrew Respalie
September 18, 2022
Versatile beast
This ball is my new first out of bag. Usually you don't want to start with a pearl on fresh oil, but this is not a typical pearl ball. It's very smooth, but retains so much energy for going through the pins. While there is an incredible amount range on this ball, there's no confusion on when to ball down. I've seen zero over/under with the infinite physix.
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Stephen Coakley
September 9, 2022
(Near) Infinite miss room
First game at my local center. Opened with 7 straight strikes (1 Brooklyn on a miss in by a mile). Only stopped striking when I missed in by a substantial margin a second time. Finished with a 243 for a PB. TV Bowling Supply did a great job with this ball. Thought I was going to wait a bit before bringing it out in League, but not anymore. Probably going to top my bag.
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September 5, 2022
INFINITE PHYSIX another winner in the PhysiX line
The Storm PHYSIX line has been a favorite of mine from the beginning, so I was looking forward to getting my hand in the new INFINITE PHYSIX.

And I have not been disappointed as it looks like another great PHYSIX ball, especially on Sport and Challenge patterns.

The PHYSIX that featured the NRG Hybrid coverstock and the Atomic asymmetrical core was for a long time my go-to ball for tougher patterns that weren’t too oily or too dry.

The ASTROPHYSIX featured the legendary R2S Pearl cover over the Atomic core, and was outstanding on tougher patterns that had transitioned or were lower oil volume.

The PROTON PHYSIX features the NeX Solid cover over the Atomic core and remains in my arsenal for heavy oil patterns.

The INFINITE PHYSIX features that ReX Pearl cover over the Atomic core.

The ReX Pearl is stronger than the R2s and I believe debuted in the Storm DARK CODE. However, the DARK CODE came 1,500-shony box finish, while the INFINITE PHYSIX is the new 4,000 Fast box finish.

The result is a ball that is very strong for a pearl. (I have not shined mine to provide a direct comparison because I like the box finish so much.)

I chose my standard pin-up strong drilling for my INFINITE PHYSIX. With my PAP of 4 7/8 over and 5/8 up, the numbers are 5 1/16 pin-PAP, 3 3/4 MB-PAP, and 2 3/4 pin buffer. (My standard caution that I throw 14-pound balls and that may lead to different ball motion. For example, the 14-pound Ikon core has a 2.53 RG compared to 2.48 for 15 and 16 pounds.)

Like its predecessors, the INFINITE PHYSIX is not a great house shot ball for me, as it’s just too reactive to wet-dry differences in the lane with my moderate speed and revs. Simply put, I have better options that blend out house shots.

But I’ve seen the INFINITE PHYSIX excel on Sport patterns, most notably the Del Ballard 34 in the PBA50 JAX 60 Open in Jackson, Michigan last month.

I saw great motion practicing on the pattern at Ten Pin Alley in Fitchburg prior to Jackson, using a boomerang shot that saw the INFINITE PHYSIX open up the breakpoint once some oil carried down and I could get it to skid enough.

And it was the ball I bowled best with on Ballard in Jackson, again once there was some carrydown. I rallied from under to more than 100 over with it in the first round and closed with eight strikes and a 259 in the second round to miss the cut by one pin, earning a super senior check. My angles varied from inside 10-board at the arrows to near 5-board, aiming to get outside 5 at the breakpoint.

The INFINITE PHYSIX motion is more of a smooth, sweeping curve than a skid-flip or hockey-stick motion, which gives enough control for it to work well boomeranging on Ballard.

I would add the caution that at 4,000 Fast, the INFINITE PHYSIX probably isn’t going to work on light oil, or a transitioned pattern with early hook. Shining it might make it suitable for those conditions, but I like it so much at 4,000 Fast that I don’t want to change it.

And at 4,000 Fast, the INFINITE PHYSIX is not strong enough for a long, heavier oil pattern like Dick Weber 45. It might work better with more surface, but I like it so much at 4,000 Fast that I don’t want to change it.

I think the INFINITE PHYSIX is going to be like the PHYSIX: a ball that I pull out for certain tougher patterns, but leave home for house shots.

I could see any style of player having success with the INFINITE PHYSIX on any kind of pattern with the right surface tweaks.

For example, a stroker could use it on a heavy oil house shot by taking it down to perhaps 500 grit. I’m sure it could handle plenty of oil at 500, and perhaps provide a little more down-lane motion than something like a PROTON PHYSIX with the same surface.

Someone with more ball speed and revs than I have also probably could get more use of the INFINITE PHYSIX on house shots.
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J smith
August 15, 2022
This ball is amazing!!
I've had the infinite physix for almost 2 months and it has already paid for its self it's great on house shots and even better on sport the latest scores with it in a tournament are 278 279 279 for 836 definitely a ball I'll keep an extra on the rack.
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August 14, 2022
Infinite Physix Review
Ball Specs:
Infinite Physix
Pearl Reactive
4000 Grit abralon
Asymmetric Core
Layout 50 x 5 x 40

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at cameras 15.5

The Storm Infinite Physix is another very good aggressive ball form Storm. The “guess the scent promotion” from Storm had a good response at our shop. My guess was Blueberry Coffee Cake which was pretty close. At box finish this is in my top balls for total hook. The Infinite Physix is not as strong as my Gem but covers plenty of boards. This ball starts early and gives me a nice arching motion on most conditions. I felt like I would get more non tournament use out of the Infinite shined up so I applied polish right over the box finish. This did not cut down the total hook very much due to adequate friction on a house type shot but gave the ball a lot more angle to the pocket. The carry was good in box finish or with the polish applied. I have rolled this ball quite a bit now and it has had great reviews and is selling very well. The Infinite Physix reminds me of a stronger Dark Code when polished.

The Infinite Physix is very versatile for a strong ball.
This ball is best used on heavier oil conditions.
This ball has a lot of motion with box surface or shined up.

Video link:

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Storm Pro Shop Staff

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Roto Grip Rick
August 10, 2022
All I honestly can say is WOW!!!
Storm Infinite Physix
Layout : 70 x 6 x 50
Finish: 4k FAST
Lane and pattern: SPL and 48ft well blended THS

The Storm Infinite Physix was say the least the BIGGEST ball movement I can remember ever seeing. Unlike the any of the prior Physix balls that were released, the ball went a “mile” downlane with a nice blended amount of skid, hook, and when it went into the roll phase, the movement was quick and but not over reactive. When using it in the track area, it was aggressive all the way through the pins, with a little less tilt and more end over end release, the ball still had a TON power getting through the heavier and more concentrated part of the conditioner inside of the track area. I could “HOOK” the WHOLE LANE or I can smooth it out with just a touch of hand position change. The Infinite Physix was still rolling through pins shot after shot, after shot. Most Asys would not be in my bag for league due to my high rev rate and only 15 mph off of my hand with a good bit of tilt, but the Infinite Physix goes with me everywhere I have bowled since its release.
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August 10, 2022
I love this ball. I've raised my avg 20 pins since getting this ball. 4 weeks of 700 plus. With a personal best of 753. I would definitely recommend this ball.
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Ian h
July 22, 2022
My favourite ball
I absolutely live this ball. It does exactly what I want the ball to do. It finds the pocket nicely but the pin action makes up for the not so good shots. I've had it for a week and yesturday I bowled my personal best from 269 to 277, the two missed shots should have been strikes.
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The Exxxtreme
July 8, 2022
Infinite Awesomeness
I am a beginner and decided if I'm going to be good I might as well start with a top of the line ball. The colors are great, the smell is pleasant and Rich at Fran's Pro Shop drilled it nice for me. The ball looks great going down the lane and my game is improving already. Love this ball??
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